Monday, September 16, 2013

My New Goal!

So a little while ago I created a blog about exercising and losing weight.  And like so many of my other endeavors it kind of went down the drain.  So I decided to just journal a little bit of my next goal here on my family blog.  Here is the goal which I feel is pretty realistic and I'm excited about it:

Starting tomorrow I am staring the Dr. Fuhrman/Eat to live diet for SIX weeks.  Tomorrow I plan on weighing myself and measuring myself with the help of my husband :).  I plan to just weigh myself once a week.  During the next six weeks my goal is to workout four times a week.  More would be great but I think 4 times a week is very realistic for me right now.  I have a lot to lose so I feel that in the next six weeks I can lose 20lbs.  

Giving myself this six week goal helps me to feel positive and motivated.  Let's be honest to get down to a healthy weight I have A LOT to lose and it will take me a while to get there.  When I look at how far I have to go it just gets me discouraged.  If I can stick to one six week goal at a time it feels much more doable and something I can really focus on and put all my effort in to.  

I'm sick of wasting my energy and time on being discouraged with how I look.  I've done really well on being okay with where I'm at and loving my life even though I am overweight.  However, during the past few weeks I have felt physically and emotionally crummy.  I don't know if that makes sense to anyone but myself but that is exactly how it feels to me.  I enjoy food and eating but lately whenever I put something greasy and sweet in to my mouth I just feel yucky.  My body has just been craving good healthy food and it is time for a change.  We are also trying for baby #3 and even though I want it to happen very soon it might not.  And quite honestly I have no idea when it will happen.  I would like to think that it will happen somewhat fast like baby #1 and #2 but I feel lots older this time around and I'm definitely heavier.  So why not get myself a little healthier before my body starts creating another cute little human being.  

That is all!  Watch for updates now and then with my progress :)!