Friday, September 30, 2011

2 months

Yes, that's right. My baby Michael is already two months. I can't believe it and he's getting quite the cute little personality.

Here is what we found out at his doctors appointment on Monday:

Weight: 13lbs 15oz - 95%
Height: 22.75 inches - 50%
Head Circumference - 50%

~He's been growing SO SO much lately that my guess for his weight was between 12 and 14 lbs. Well I was right. He just eats a lot and very much enjoys it. He must be my son :). He's on a pretty regular schedule as far as eating goes, every 3-4 hours.
~His sleeping is pretty good. He sleeps a good part of the day but is also awake a good part of the day. At night he is sleeping between 6 and 8 hours stretches which I am so grateful for. Last night it was 8 and was wonderful.
~He seems to love watching Noelle and I and gets so excited to see us. Me and Noelle sometimes dance around the family room and he seems to get excited when we do this, it's so cute.
~Michael is still sleeping in our room. Mostly because I don't know how to transition him and Noelle yet into sharing the same room. With Noelle she was in our room forever. But I learned my lesson and we would like to get him sharing a room soon. I fear that Noelle may try to get in bed with him or wake up all the time. We had to get rid of our old crib so I think as soon as we get a crib we'll do the transition I just don't know when that will be.
~Little Michael is a cuddler. I love it. He just cuddles in to you when you hold him and it's so sweet.
~He is obsessed with the wall behind our couch. There are a bunch of frames and other decorations and he could stare at them forever. This is helping him to hold his head up on his own as well.
~The smiles are starting to come and they are so so sweet.
~A lot of the faces he has look just like Noelle did. I'm still amazed how much they look alike sometimes.
~He still grunts but not nearly as much as he did at the beginning.
~Michael very much enjoys the walks that we take and he LOVES being outside. He's just so happy out there. It seems like both my kids love the outdoors. I'm hoping that he will enjoy camping more than Noelle. Well Noelle loves it just not the nights.
~Noelle loves her little brother. She always is showing everyone her little brother and saying how cute he is. When she gives him a hug he turns toward her and opens his mouth for a kiss. I think it's so sweet.

Anyway. I just love my little guy and cannot imagine our lives without him.

His almost smile.
watching football with Grandpa Fullmer
Michael just laid him on a pillow one day and he fell asleep

Friday, September 16, 2011

Picture Overload

I haven't posted pictures in a while. And I kind of thought that was a little unfair to those certain people that are so far away who need to see updated pictures of our almost 8 week old and almost 3 year old. So here ya go :)... (the most recent are towards the bottom of this post)

Noelle and her second cousin Brookelynn

I just love the little faces he makes while he's sleeping.

She loves putting her sun glasses on in the car.

my sweet children

My little model posing for the camera

Just wait I have lots of these kind of pictures. I can't resist taking them. They are so cute.

my cute boy

I just love to watch him sleep.

Noelle will often lay down my Michael whenever he's on the floor. She is so sweet with him.

Just daddy sleeping this time. Aren't they both so handsome?

my michaels

Blessing day. Don't you love his hair? It seems to be getting redder and I love it.

ahhhh, how cute

Some tummy time

He's mad at me here for putting a girl big on him. I don't blame him. I'm kind of mad at myself every time the boy bibs run out and I have to put him in purple or pink.

Michael with my Grandma Fullmer

I just love this one. They look so much alike sometimes, it's crazy.

love his big blue eyes

More recent tummy time. He's getting to be quite the big guy. A friend of mine in our ward asked me if I was feeding him pure butter cause he's getting so big :).

sweet boy in the girl bouncer. One day he'll forgive me

And last but not least, another sleeping picture of the two men in my life.

Family Update

Little Michael is doing great. The last couple of nights he's only woken up once. It's like he is already starting to put himself on a good schedule. He eats every three to four hours. Always between 4oz and 6oz. He sure likes to let me know when he's hungry. He kind of scream/grunts is what I call it. He's still a little noisy. He's starting to give little smiles and it just melts my heart. He follows me around with his eyes wherever I go. He usually follows Noelle too. He tends to plan his nap around when daddy will be home. Because Michael has work and three out of five nights has school there isn't as much time to see him. And he's usually awake or ready to eat when daddy comes home. He always has his head to the right or left. He rarely lays his head in the straight, forward position. Hopefully this will not lead to us having another helmet situation. He gets so excited when we talk to him or kind of tickle him. He'll wave his arms and make grunting noises and it's so cute. He's been on a few walks with Noelle and I and has done great. We're so happy to have this addition in our family and we feel more complete.

Noelle is doing really well. She is playing with more friends and being more social which I'm happy about. She still loves nursery. She's still not potty trained. So I kind of hate changing so many diapers. She's so ready for it but up until today actually hasn't shown any interest. I think today she showed some interest because we had one of her friends over yesterday and she went potty in the toilet. So we'll see. I'm trying not to be discouraged about it, cause she is almost three. I just am out of ideas on how to motivate her without pushing too hard. Noelle is great with Michael. She is so sweet and always is concerned for him. She's sure got some attitude at times which results in her seeing the time-out corner more often. She's also a little emotional, probably gets that from me. She loves Toy Story and is going to be Jessie the cowgirl for Halloween. She loves dogs and I can't wait until one day when we can get one for her.

"Big" Michael is doing good. He's very busy working a full-time job and being a full-time student. This has been a big adjustment for all of us but it's been good as well. Even though he is completely exhausted he comes home happy and is so excited to play with his kids. He's a ward missionary and takes turns teaching the Gospel Principles class.

I am doing pretty good. My emotional rollercoaster is starting to come back to normal and that feels great. I've started working out and eating better although this week has been a hard and stressful one, but that's okay. I'll do better next week. I'm feeling pretty positive and good these days even when those stressful times come. I was released as Primary 1st counselor and am now compassionate service leader. So that's keeping me pretty busy.

Things are going great in the Pfeil home and we feel really blessed. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!