Friday, January 29, 2010

Good Things

So I'm trying to be better at updating my blog but as I sit here (at 3:00am because Noelle woke up and I'm waiting for her to get back to sleep) I realize not a lot has happened in a week. A lot of everyday things but nothing huge. I should put more up here of the every day stuff, especially for Grandma Pfeil ;). So this last week Noelle has gotten even more steady with her walking. She'll now just start walking without one of us being on the other end. She usually will sit down before she gets too far but it's still progress. Noelle has been super needy lately. Maybe it's just a stage. I don't mind at all, in fact it's really cute. Everything she plays with she wants to do it on my lap. She's starting to be more of a daddy's girl although I'm still her #1 (j/k michael). She's still into books and has us read the same ones to her over and over again. It makes us happy. She's being a little less picky with her food and I do mean a little. This last week we found out about some new foods she likes: kiwi, raisins, spiral macaroni and cheese and broccoli (yeah I couldn't believe that one myself). She used to love bananas, toast and peanut butter sandwiches but now not so much. Noelle kissed two little boys her age at church a couple of weeks ago. She's just getting so big before my very eyes and it's crazy. I don't think she's gained much weight but I do know that she has grown taller. We'll see in her 15 month checkup next week.

As for me I'm still running. It's coming slowly but I'm doing it and I feel good when I do. There is a tv program in Utah called Studio 5 on KSL/NBC that is about finances, home, relationships etc. Well the month of January was "find a hobby month." I emailed them about my hobby I've found in running and they read it on tv yesterday and even said my last name correctly (that never happens). I felt pretty special. Silly I know, but fun for me. Currently I'm preparing my talk for this Sunday and so is Michael. I haven't given a talk in forever. I've decided I want to start clipping coupons because we need to save some money and I need to start digital scrapbooking. Michael and I are enjoying some tv shows together during the week: American Idol, Biggest Loser, 24, Bones and he loves the history and discovery channel. No surprise there. We're getting to bed a little earlier every night and we've made a goal to read our scriptures in the morning- personal and family. So far it's going pretty good and I can feel the difference in our home and marriage. It's a good one. Sometimes I get so stressed about things, little things. But then I take a step back and count to 10 and realize I have such a good life. I have a supportive husband who is beyond loving and patient and who I love so much. I have a beautiful daughter who keeps me on my toes and brings so much light in my life. What more could I ask for?

I need to be better at taking pictures.
This was the food table for the baby shower me and my mom did for my cousin's wife. The centerpiece was a project we did together. Notice the table: that's the table we refinished for my parents :).
I absolutely had to vacuum one day and I couldn't get Noelle to sit still so I made this little "cage." She didn't like it at all.
Noelle has had spaghetti many times before but I just had to take this picture. We decided to take her clothes off because she gets so messy during this meal. She loved the broccoli!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

running blog

I guess I like blogging. It's been a great tool for me to put my thoughts down and it's just fun. So I started a running blog if anyone is interested in checking it out. Let other people know who you think may be interested as well. It's just my thoughts and goals and advice I learn about running and everything that goes into it- meaning my frustrations and triumphs as well. Here it is:

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Recipe Update and my walking girl

So if there is anyone out there who wants an update on my recipe blog it's updated. I posted the following recipes: Eggnog pumpkin pie, Apple Pie, Overnight Broccoli and Ham Strata, Meltaway Cookies with cream cheese frosting, Mini-Cheesecakes, and Lasagna. I made Lasagna last night for the first time and it was excellent :)! My goal is to do 2-3 new recipes a month. I thought that was a pretty reasonable goal. I really enjoy trying new recipes and have fun doing it, it's just that other things get in the way sometimes.

Here's the link to my recipe blog. Click Here.

Oh and Noelle actually started walking on Saturday! She took steps with no help at all and looked pretty confident. Now she will just start getting on the couch and letting go and taking a few steps toward me. I think it will only be a matter of weeks now. Yay Noelle! She's so much fun.

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Goal

I know I have friends and family who are runners out there. I am starting to run after a very long absence in this area and need some advice. So any ideas of good running shoes? Also any advice on running and how to keep going even when I think I can't? Pretty much I need any info of running in general. Thanks everyone!

I just found some funny running pictures online. I think they show how I will feel and be as a runner for the first little while. They're just for fun. Hey, at least I have a good sense of humor about it :).

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Funny Pfeils

Here are just some funny pictures of us:

When she gets ahold of the remote she is so proud of herself :)
My messy girl. Sometimes when I'm in an adventurous mood I let Noelle go crazy with her food. This was one of those times.
Me, Michael, Tanner, and Nina decided to refinish my parents table for a Christmas present. It's a table made by my Grandpa O'driscoll. Well it was a bigger process than we could have imagined but we finished. I'll post pics of the finished table later. This is one day when Michael and I were sanding. As you can see Michael did a little more in this area than I did. Hey, I have a daughter to watch.
One day I went to get Noelle from her nap and her pants were just off and I had to get a picture. It was funny.
She found some clementine oranges and decided to try to bite into it with the peel on.
Then I peeled it for her and she was happy.
Then she thought it was a little sour.