Saturday, December 8, 2012

November and a little December

It is crazy to me that it is already December.  I think time passes by a lot faster with two kids.  Well we've had lots of fun together and are excited for the rest of our December festivities.

And now for some pictures :)

This is Mikey first real time in snow.  He didn't really know what to think about it.  And he looked like the little boy from Christmas Story with his puffy coat on :)

Noelle was so excited for the snow

My parent's neighbors built a Rapunzel tower.  How cool!

Noelle went to the dentist a little while ago and was so brave.  This was her third visit but the first time she let them do everything: xray, clean teeth, etc.  This is the best children's dentist office ever.  Well they unfortunately found 3 cavities.  This day she was getting them filled and she did so good.  She is holding one of her favorite little doggies, Ruff.  I got a little teary eyed taking this picture.  She was a little out of it afterward.

Noelle was sick and sleeping and Mikey decided to give her kisses.

One of Noelle's favorite things to do is play dress up.  Mikey likes it too, but we don't have any boy dress ups yet and dad does not like that. 

Noelle likes to dig in the snow as much as she likes to dig in the sand

Mikey in the snow again.  He liked it a little better this time.

At the mall one day.  The tv was a great distraction while I tried to hurry and shop around.

Noelle is always begging to take a ride on these toys at the mall.  This day I gave in.  She looks so cute!

My happy Mikey

My not so happy Mikey when he got sick after Thanksgiving.  He is always running around and when he was sick he would just lay down and cuddle.  He really like Noelle's little Lambie (doc mcstuffins) toy for a little cuddling :).  Around Thanksgiving time we all got sick.  Then just recently Noelle, Mikey and I got a little (awful) stomach bug.  Hopefully it's done going around cause it was so not fun.  Mikey was sure concerned when I was sick though and would keep kissing, hugging and cuddling with me as if to make sure I was okay.  And Noelle has included the phrase "Please help (fill in any of our names) feel better" in her prayers.  I sure have some sweet kids.

My ornament wreath I made.  Made with dollar store ornaments and a wire hanger. Pretty proud of it.

a craft that I made.  I like this one a lot too.

Freddy the elf joined our Christmas celebrating this year.  But in his letter it said that the more you hug him the more his magic grows.  Which is perfect because Noelle is such a hugger.  We asked Noelle what we should name him and in about 2 seconds Noelle yelled out the name "Freddy!"  She loves this little elf and is excited every morning to see what he's been up to.  It's also helped a little in her behavior knowing that Freddy reports to Santa each night.

One of our favorite things we caught Freddy doing.  Looks like he does belong to this family if he wanted to watch Harry Potter.  Noelle got a kick out of it!

We went to the festival of trees here in Salt Lake and had so much fun. Noelle asked the balloon guy to make Rudolph for her.  He hadn't made him in over a year so he had to think really hard how to do it.  But he did great and Rudolph is bigger than she is.  I was really surprised that she had come up with this all on her own.  It was either between Rudolph or a unicorn.  Rudolph won.  I think she wanted a unicorn because she has asked for a unicorn dream lite for Christmas.  On a side note, she has not dropped this dream lite idea.  Hopefully Santa delivers!

This past Friday we were really looking forward to visiting some friends. However the kids hadn't felt well all week and I just didn't have a good feeling to go visit them.  We were really bummed but we went to my mom's house instead.  We decorated sugar cones with green frosting and candy decorations to make trees.  It was way fun and Noelle totally got in to it.  This is her tree!

My tree

Mikey's tree.  Grandma helped him a little but he was actually a little bit interested.  But it didn't last very long.

My cute kiddos in their cute hats aunt Nina made for them. I just love this picture so much! They sure love each other and I am always catching them playing together and laughing a lot.  I love love love these two!