Monday, August 18, 2008

Missing Eric

So lately I have been missing my brother Eric a lot. There have been times where I have felt him so close and these times, as good as they are, are sometimes more difficult. As I am getting closer to having this baby and as things are changing in the lives of my family I am wishing so much that Eric could be here to experience it all with us. As I have been studying the scriptures and praying I have been comforted to know that Eric IS experiencing it all with us, just in a different way. About two months ago I was talking to a friend from high school and he lost a brother a while ago. But he said some things that really made me think and helped me to find some peace. He said:

“You know, this may not only bring your family here on earth closer, but since love can still pass through the veil, then it can still bring your brother closer to your family and help in the healing process he is experiencing in the sprit world. And there are things that he can still do for you and your family on the other side, even things that he couldn't do here, such as praying for things that you do not because you are not aware of them. But he is."

My testimony of Eternal Families has been strengthened so much in the last few months. I can’t tell you how much I long to see my brother. I know I won’t see him in this life, but I know with all of my heart that if I do my part here that I will see him again. I am so grateful for the gospel and I know that this is Jesus Christ’s true church. This gospel is a gospel of happiness. And as much sadness and heartache we experience Christ brings a light and a peace to me that cannot be replace by anything else. I know his atonement is real and that he knows each of us. I know Eric is working and learning and is happy. I have not been able to doubt the fact that he is happy and this thought has come to me so many times. I miss him so much, every single day. I love him and have felt closer to him. (I just felt I needed to share these thoughts. It was probably just for me to hear them and share my testimony.)

Baby, blood pressure, etc.

So my blood pressure was way up the last time I went to the doctor. He put me on a higher dosage of the current medicine I was taking. Of course I asked him if it was safe. What was I thinking? He is an expert on women issues, babies and the medicines that they can and cannot have. It’s totally safe. But if it gets worse he will try another medicine and if that doesn’t work I will have to go on bed rest. I’m not looking forward to that option but I will do whatever to keep our baby safe and healthy, which means keeping me safe and healthy. I’m frustrated with the high blood pressure but my doctor said this just may be how my body reacts to pregnancy. But I’m feeling good and getting bigger. I’m 22 weeks, so a little over half way. I know I’ve come a long way, but it sometimes still feels like December 22 is forever away. I’m sure enjoying the maternity clothes. They are so comfortable. I never thought I would say that :). We’re getting so excited to have a little girl in our lives. I feel her move a lot and Michael finally felt her kick last night. This was the first time he felt her and he was so happy. Things are going great!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


It's official, we are having a girl! We went in to get the ultrasound today and the very first thing the doctor saw was what makes a girl a girl. He double checked it and was very sure and so were we. We're so excited! I'm so happy to finally know the gender. I don't have to call the baby "it" anymore. She was moving a lot and is at the right size that she should be. This is the coolest feeling ever. Michael was very excited and shocked all at the same time. I feel so happy and blessed right now.

For bigger and clearer pictures go to: (you have to log in to facebook to see these)

Lindsey through the years...

20 years ago....
~I was about to turn 5.
~Me and my family were moving to Maryland.
~I only had one brother.

10 years ago....
~I couldn't wait to go to highschool.
~I wanted to be a veternarian.
~I hated to read.

5 years ago....
~I was about to start my 3rd year of college. (man I feel old)
~I was super obsessed with Harry Potter.
~I was excited about my major in college.

3 years ago....
~I was walking in the cold, rainy streets of Chile! Yeah!
~I was companions with Emily, I think.
~I was about to have my first birthday on the mission.

This year....
~We found out that I was going to have a baby. Yay!
~I survived student teaching!
~I graduated with my bachelors in Elementary Education.
~I have really learned to be more frugal with my money (thanks to my husband)
~My sister will leave on her mission! I'm so happy for her.

~I read Breaking Dawn.
~I forgot half the things that I needed to do.
~I ate dinner with my wonderful and loving husband.

~We get to find out if we are having a son or a daughter!
~I'm excited to eat my salad.
~I felt the baby move!

~I have to work as always.
~Is the middle of the week!

In the next year....
~We will be in a different part in Utah (si Dios quiere).
~We will have a growing child (weird, but cool)
~Maybe I will decorate for holidays and decorate where we are living a little.
~I will work out more!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Baby Update

I am currently 19 weeks and doing great. Some of you know about the blood pressure problem that I was having but my doctor put me on some medicine and it's lowered tremendously.

I've never had a migraine before being pregnant but about a month ago I had a really bad one and got really sick. My doctor told me to go to the hospital if I had any more so about 2 weeks ago I had another one and went to the emergency room. I really don't like to go unless I absolutely have to, but my wonderful husband convinced me to go and pretty much was like "It's better to be safe than sorry." Which I do agree with, especially when it comes to being pregnant. I went in and they did a few tests and gave me an iv with some medicine that made me even more nauseated, tired and loopy. But the end result was good and nothing was wrong which I was grateful about. I love my husband for taking such good care of me and putting me above his own sleep and rest. We didn't get home from the hospital until about 3:30am in the morning.

The baby's heart beat is about average and giving me no insight into whether it's a girl or a boy. But we do get to go in on August 5th to find out and we're so excited! I am really starting to feel pregnant now and am starting to feel the baby move. It's the neatest feeling. Michael is getting so excited and says hi to the baby every morning, which I think is so cute. I'm so excited to be a mom and I can't wait to get to know my little boy or girl! More updates to come…


I finally decided that we needed to start a blog. I think right now this is really the best way to let people know what is going on in our lives. Although the blog itself is not very exicting, I'm excited to start one.

We are still in the ice age and do not own a digital camera. So hopefully family members will let us borrow theirs to put at least some pictures on here. We definitely will have one before December as we are going to have a new addition to the Michael and Lindsey Pfeil family! If any one has any advice on what brand of camera to get and what you've liked and not liked please let me know.