Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

For Thanksgiving this year we went over to my Grandparent's house and even though it was very crowded it was very fun to be there. Noelle did a little better during the meal than last year. She ate a little bit more but still wanted to be the center of attention so she didn't last long. Whenever it's time to eat (wherever we are) if there are other people around, besides me and Michael, she'll hardly eat anything. It's like she thinks it's a waste of time to eat when there are all these people around to play with. Afterward Michael headed to the "football" room and stayed there for the next couple of hours. Noelle hadn't gotten a nap yet and was doing surprisingly well. The rest of us that didn't watch football stayed in the living room, looked at some ads, played a game, and just talked. Noelle would make her way from room to room and would find some toys and other kids to play with. We headed over to my parent's house around 5:00pm and seriously as soon as the car started Noelle was asleep. My sister, Alyson, came up from Provo along with Michael's sister Rebecca. She stayed with us and we're so glad she did and we had so much fun with her.

This year I actually did some black Friday shopping. Honestly there wasn't anything too amazing for me to get. But I wanted to go cause I had never been. So me, my mom, and Alyson went to Walmart at midnight. I actually got some really good deals and it was fun to go. Friday we also went to see Harry Potter again and it was fun. I love seeing movies the day after Thanksgiving. I also wanted to write down some things that I am grateful for. I have so many blessings...
*The gospel,the peace and joy that it brings me. It's true!
*My husband, for his selflessness and love and sense of humor
*My daughter, the light of my life, who makes me smile in all she does
*My parents, for their never ending kindness and willingness to do so much for me and my family
*Michael's parent's, for raising such an amazing son and for being so patient and loving
*The rest of my family, just for all they do and who they are. I love my family very much!
*My calling in Primary, for Heavenly Father knowing exactly that I needed it and that it makes me SO happy.
*The Book of Mormon, the peace it brings and the spirit it brings to me and my family

I have a lot more but that would really take up too much space. I hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Here are a couple random pictures and a video of Noelle doing somersaults

Noelle loves to wear her hat and gloves around the house and we have a hard time taking them off of her.
I put the boppy pillow around her and told her to feed her baby and she did. It was so cute. She's never seen me do this but I think it just comes natural to little girls.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Noelle and Family Photos

My cousin Alyssa took these photos of us and she did an awesome job! They turned out great and really capture so much of Noelle's personality! I couldn't pick just a couple to post so you'll have to look at them all :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

wish we had a dog

Noelle loves my parents' dog Ricky. She calls him "Rick" (really emphasizing the 'k' sound). She always wants to play with him and give him kisses. She brings him dog food also when he's just lying around. It's so cute. I like Ricky too (even though he's little and sometimes annoying) and if we had a house of our own we would totally adopt him. Michael says that we should call him "football."
I love to go to Kid-to-Kid. My husband knows this and sometimes I can spend more than I plan. Well most times. But last week me and Noelle were there and they have this little area for kids to play in. I found Noelle playing with food and pretending to eat it. So cute.
Noelle loves playing with her baby doll. She has a carseat and stroller for her. She even has pretend bottles. She seems to really want to take care of it (except when she sometimes throws it on the floor). Looks like she could be ready for a brother or sister. I really wish this was an announcement but it's NOT. I repeat it's NOT. It's just to say that we really want another addition to the Pfeil family and we're all ready for it.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I found this Wordle website on a friend's blog and thought I would have fun with it. I did this with Noelle in mind :)

 Wordle: random

Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Bed and Sick Again

We weren't going to put Noelle into a big girl bed until after Christmas but we ended up changing our minds for a couple of reasons. First we found this bed on ksl for a steal and we couldn't pass it up (they go really fast) and second because Noelle's crib wasn't in the greatest condition. It's been safe for her to use but it was just totally hammered. It was given to us by my aunt and uncle and got a lot of use out of it. Anyway. Noelle didn't get out of the new bed at all last night. That's probably because she was sick. Poor girl has had a little cold all week and overnight it developed into that viral/asthma thing that she's had before. Ugh, I just hate this. At least the bed is good enough for her to sleep in while she's sick. I'll let you know how it really goes once the sickness has passed. I hope she feels better soon, she's not the same when she feels like this.

my little sleeping beauty

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

something sweet

Last night after I had changed Noelle in her pjs we went in to the family room and watched some football with Michael. Noelle had her comb in her hands, gets up on the couch by me and starts combing my hair. I had to remind her a couple of times to be soft but it was the sweetest thing. It went on for about fifteen minutes. She would even kiss my hair sometimes and hug me. It just melted my heart.