Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dress up

Noelle has recently started to play dress up. She loves putting on clothes over her head and will rub her tummy kind of like she is so proud of what she is wearing. I love it. She also likes wearing her swimsuit or dresses and just knows how pretty she is. And she loves wearing her jackets all around the house. She also loves putting things on her head and I think she thinks everything that's about the size of a hat is a hat.

Noelle in her pj's, with her jacket on, with my shirt over the top of her and holding a whisk. Oh my silly girl
Her swimsuit bottoms
A new hat Aunt Becky sent her
She enjoyed herself

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Last Friday Michael and I took a little trip to Park City. Not that it's far or anything, but it's far enough to feel like we were "away." It was something I needed so bad and was so looking forward to. Noelle of course got sick the Wednesday before so we were really debating on whether to go or not. We felt good about going so we did and my family had a crazy, tiring, and fun time with Noelle. Thanks for taking her for the weekend! We stayed in a little condo in a Mountain Lodge. Totally cheaper than any other hotel there. It had a little kitchen and it was way nicer than I expected. We relaxed, swam, went on a picnic, relaxed, went to a movie, slept, and relaxed some more. This was a trip we so deserved and have been meaning to take for quite some time. I feel a little more rested but I never can seem to catch up on sleep. Oh well. It was fun to spend time just the two of us and it made us miss our sweet, little Noelle. We need to do this more often :)!

Our awesome room

Where we had our picnic. The mountains, scenery and weather were gorgeous!

The lodge we stayed in. I took this picture in the car.

Park City
A little more relaxed Michael and Lindsey
The view from our room window

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Last Saturday was my 5k and I did pretty good! I ran the whole way and it took me 39 minutes. It was a good time for me, being a first time runner and all. It was wet and rainy but being their at the event was so fun. It was called the JUDGESRUN 5k- fun run and walk and it was for breast cancer. It was cool to be a part of it. It didn't really rain during the race but the ground was wet. This didn't really matter on the sidewalk but it did on the muddy grassy areas we had to run. Some of the hills were pretty big and I didn't prepare for that at all. But I kept running and finished and it felt so good. Thank you to my sister, Taylor, for running with me. She was ahead of me and won first place in her age group! Go Tay!! Also I have a wonderful husband who has kept pushing me and a great family full of support. This week I haven't been running as much and my body has just been craving it. I never thought I would say that. It feels good to accomplish something that was so hard and I know running has helped me to be healthier as well.

Before the race started

Starting the race

Right after I crossed the finish line

Sunday, June 13, 2010


So we have still been doing our date every week. It got postponed and changed around a little bit when my sister came home from her mission. Over the last little while we have seen Iron Man 2 and Robin Hood. We liked both a lot. Michael got this game called Settlers of Catan for his birthday. So the last two Fridays we've actually played this game. Michael loves this game and honestly I never had a desire to play it because everyone got so competitive. Then we played it, just the two of us, and it's so much fun and kind of addicting. A two player game goes by really fast but it's fun to see who will win. Sometimes I can be a little bit of a poor sport, I'm working on that. Anyway. We have a very fun date coming up that I will write about later.

(You really should check out this game if you've never heard of it or played it. It's a strategy game but not as intense or long as Risk.)

on a side note I'm realizing that me and Michael don't have very many pictures together lately. I always think of taking pictures of Noelle but never us two. So that is something I am going to be working on-taking everyday pictures of the two of us.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Beginning of Summer

We've had a fun few weeks together. I love the warm days and nights. I love how Noelle loves to go outside and try new things. She loves to just walk around and observe everything. She's copying a lot of things that we say and do and she is so smart. She is also very stubborn and getting more attitude everyday. She is still very helpful and a very good listener. She is going to be the best big sister one day. She just loves her baby doll and helps me wrap her up in her blanket and pushes her around in the mini stroller we have. She's dancing more and running everywhere. She loves to look at herself in the mirror and talk to herself. She's eating better, but just a little bit. She goes to bed without complaining or crying. Noelle loves to climb on the different playgrounds we go to. I know this is good for her but it makes me nervous cause some of them are so tall. We fed the ducks twice over the last week and she loves it. Her hair seems to actually be getting redder and she loves to be in the water. I can't wait to see what else this summer brings!

On a different note my little sister Taylor is on a lacrosse team and they rock! They have their championship game tomorrow. She's so good and fun to watch and we're so proud of how dang hard she's worked.

And Michael's little sister Becky graduated from high school last week!!! wahoo!!! We know she has worked so hard also. And she gets to come to Utah for college in August and we're soooooo excited!

Here are some fun, random pictures and a video

She loves her baby
We had a picnic at the little park right next to our apartment
Going down by herself, she was a little nervous
This is why I get a little nervous. Some of these playgrounds are so tall and she's doesn't have all her balance under control yet
On Sunday my mom was watering her plants and Noelle just walked into the water coming from the hose. She stayed in the water for a while and loved it.
attempting to get a drink

Thursday, June 3, 2010

accomplishing something hard

Because this is my blog I decided I have the right to be proud of myself and write about it. I ran 3.1 miles today without stopping and I wasn't even out of breath :). This is a big deal considering the history me and running have together. I have never done this in my entire life and I did it and it felt so good. I met an old man today on the trail I was running. He was pretty old and on roller-blades. It was awesome. He gave me some words of encouragement and it really helped me to finish. Not to mention I have an amazing husband who believes in me and an amazing family. I've been working on this goal for a while now and it felt so good. It is something sooooooo hard for me and I did it. Other things have been hard and I just can't seem to reach those goals but this one I did. Maybe I can reach those goals after all. I just need to have more patience, reach further than I think I can and not be so dang hard on myself. I have to add that I am running my first official 5k a week from this Saturday with my sister and I now feel confident about it. Good day.