Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My big 2 year old!

Mikey turned 2 on July 25th.  I cannot believe that he is already 2.  Wow, time seriously flies by.  We kind of celebrated his birthday a couple of different times.  Since his birthday fell on a day that we were at camp we wanted to give him his own cake and presents before we left.  So we celebrated the Saturday before we left.  We also did a little celebrating at camp.  Honestly he didn't care what day we celebrated.  He was just happy to open a few presents and eat a little cake.  About a week after camp I took him in to the doctor for his check-up. He weighs 33.4lbs- 95%.  And he is 35.5 inches- 90%.  He is not a small boy at all!  He is my big, sturdy boy for sure!

Here are some things about Mikey that I just love:

-Loves his sippy cup.  Can be seen with one at almost all times!
-Can eat like a horse or be REALLY picky
Isn't he so handsome!  I'm sure that I will be be beating the girls away with a stick :)
-Loves Cars, Wreck it Ralph, and Rio
-Really acts like wreck it ralph sometimes, he loves wrecking things
-Has the cutest laugh
-Is the HAPPIEST boy
-Favorite color to say is "bu" (blue)
-But when he colors on paper he always chooses yellow
-Is starting to throw some really good throw-myself-on-the-ground fits
-Is a tough little guy but also cuddles with me often-which I just LOVE
-LOVES to be outside
-likes to do animal noises
-Runs, Runs, Runs!  When I tell him to walk and not run, like at the swimming pool, he walks really slowly
-He likes to take his time with things, eating his meals or snack or walking from the car to the front door
-Loves his sister and follows her and does pretty much whatever she does
-Has been taking his time with talking.  We used to call him the "one-syllable man" because he would say the first syllable of everything.  Like "ma", "da", "pa", "ba", "na", "shu", etc. Now he is saying lots more.  Some of his favorite words are "caws" (cars), "mommy," "nose," "No" (Noelle), "wa-er" (water) and "hi".  I guess at this age he is supposed to be putting two words together and he hasn't done that much so the doctor wants to see him again at 2 1/2 just to make sure he is on track.  I'm not too worried though.  He's a smart little boy it just seems he likes to take his time and do things when he wants.

This picture was taken by my friend as part of a father's day present

Mikey is the happiest boy ever and I just am so grateful I get to be his mommy.  He makes my days brighter and he keeps me on my toes at all times.  Despite his love of wrecking and his toughness as a big sturdy boy he is very sweet and caring.  He's quick to say "saw-ee" (sorry) and is pretty good at sharing (after a little coaxing from me).  He loves to learn and experience everything around him.  Because this boy is so happy it is very hard to be unhappy around him.  I'm so grateful for that.  This happy disposition of his is very contagious to everyone he meets.  Oh how I love my Mikey so much and am grateful for the joy that he is in my life!

This boy loves his big sister!  They have so much fun together. 
The first movie he went to see in theaters- The Croods- at the dollar movie :)  He did great!  Since then he has seen Rio and Puss in Boots (both were movies shown for a summer movie club)
Mikey can be so silly at times and just puts a smile on everyone's face.  Noelle is constantly encouraging his silliness!
Another silly moment at the cheesecake factory

He doesn't love ice cream or cake much but apparently he really enjoyed his cheesecake!

He got this awesome push trike early for his birthday.  He loves it!  
He had a very fun birthday and was very spoiled!
Noelle gave him Mater for his birthday.  He loved it so much he thought he would give Mater kisses

Taylor and Zach gave Mikey these Wreck it Ralph hands.  They're pretty awesome and he loves them!

I made this Wreck it Ralph cake for Mikey's birthday.  I just made a chocolate cake from a box with cream cheese frosting.  And then I made the fondant and dyed it myself.  And then cut out the little squares.  I actually found a little piece from a game that acted as a little fondant cutter for the squares.  It worked perfectly!  There were about 211 little squares I think.  It wasn't too much work just took a little time.  But I love how it turned out and Mikey seemed to like it too!

LOVE my big boy!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Oh how I love to go....camping!

We got back from our annual camping trip almost 2 weeks ago.  We had so much fun!  SO. MUCH. FUN!!  Michael came up to help us set up on Sunday and then he came back up on Thursday, spent the night and helped us pack up again on Friday.  He couldn't come because he had already taken off some time for an earlier trip.  So it was pretty hard and sad without Michael there, but we still had lots of fun.  We stayed busy, played and played and played and wore ourselves out each and every day.  My parent's were both there and my sister Aly (for a couple days) so we had lots of help.  And let me tell you it was much needed and much appreciated!  I took a lot of pictures but could have taken a whole lot more! I apologize for the lack of order in these pictures but I have way to much to post right now to worry about it :)

My cousin's daughter, Avery.  Noelle adored her!  She kept trying to play and take care of her.  She liked to pretend to be her mommy!

Grandma helped Noelle make a boat for the boat race at the stream that was at our campsite and right by our tent
One of the things that we do at camp is lots of crafts.  This one turned out so cute!  Balloons tied on flip flops.  Noelle really didn't do anything for this.  Aunt Aly tied most of them on.  Thanks Aly!  Didn't they turn out cute!

My cousin Braxton pushing Mikey in the car

When Michael came up on Thursday the kids barely left his side.  Including at the camp fire.  And that is very rare for Mikey, he is always moving.  I loved watching them with their daddy that they missed so much!

Mikey having fun on the plasma car

My cousin Jake wedged his way in to the car as well :)

One night some of the kids kept running up this hill and going down it over and over again.  Mikey mostly just ran.  He runs sooo FAST! 

Here are the kids with their boats!  Thanks Grandma for basically doing it all!

Mikey's daily naps were taken in Grandma and Grandpa's tent trailer.  It was in the shade and our tent wasn't at all.  So it was much cooler.

Mikey's birthday fell on the Thursday we were at camp.  My cousin's little boy, Taven's birthday was on Friday.  So we did a little celebration.  She made a little treasure hunt and we had a pinata.  We also had a cake and cupcakes!  It was lots of fun!

Mikey didn't really do crafts.  He attempted to paint a little.  But you rarely saw Mikey without his sippy cup.  It's like attached to him.  At least he stayed hydrated.  Notice his hand by his ear.  He does that when he is tired.  As much fun as camp was it sure wore the kids out every single day. 

Mikey made his way all on his own to a little spot where he tried to "fish" all by himself.  My mom got them little fishing poles.  They didn't have too much interest this year.  Maybe next time.  I however found it very fun to cast and reel in the fishing line.  Maybe I found a new hobby?

There was a sand pit for the kids which also happened to be a horse shoe pit.  You would always find Mikey laying in the sand or pouring it on his head.  I don't really know why.  But he's a funny little guy!

we had fun wading in the water.  It was super cold but the kids got used to it. 

Noelle loved doing the crafts.  She got in to everything at camp.

The kids all loved this little carnival game my mom brought out.

Noelle with my little cousin Jaycee.  She sure had fun with her at camp!

Noelle took a couple naps too

Noelle at the pinata!

Noelle trying to reel in all by herself

fun in the sand

Noelle was a little hesitant to get in the water.  Once she tried it though she really liked it and loved her water shoes

The river right by our tent.  It was very soothing at night and I'm pretty sure aided me in getting the gets to sleep.

I love this place!

Mikey being his silly, crazy self!

The kids slept so well at night!  The first three years of camping with kid was quite hard.  Noelle had such a hard time if you can remember.  But ever since last year that has changed.  They sleep like angels and I'm so so grateful.  They had some funny sleeping positions too.  The first morning I found that they just naturally scoot in to each other.  So I scooted their mats and sleeping bags together.  It melts my heart to see them so close and enjoying playing with each other so much!

I often found them on top of each other in some way :)

And of course water balloon volley ball

our "lodge" as my dad calls it.  If I am going to camp by myself for 6 days I am going to have a dang nice tent.  This was a picture from last year

We just had the funnest time!  Camp is a lot of work.  A lot of work.  But I would do it all over again.  Both kids had so much fun.  But Noelle seriously had the time of her life.  She cried when she knew we had to leave.  She said, with tears in her eyes "I don't want to leave camp!  It's the funnest ever!" I'm so happy that we go camping every year.  Growing up we made some the best memories camping and I'm so glad my kids are starting to make some unforgettable memories together also!  Cannot wait until our next camping trip!