Monday, April 25, 2011

Fun Visit and Easter!

This is a long post, just a warning.

Last week we had a visitor at our home and it was Noelle's Grandma Pfeil! She was coming to pick up Becky from BYU so she decided to come a little early and stay and have fun with us. Noelle had so much fun with her and the time we spend with her is always so special. It was nice relaxing lots of the time and Grandma played with Noelle a lot. That's always the best. We also had a fun dinner and Easter egg hunt while she was here. Grandma and Becky had to leave on Saturday but we enjoyed every minute that we got to spend with them. We're going to see them again in August and hopefully we'll get to see Grandpa Pfeil as well. By then we'll have a new addition to our Pfeil Family :).

Noelle dying Easter eggs. She really had fun with this. I don't know why the pictures are so dark.
Easter Egg Hunt #1 with some of Michael's side of the family. This year was so fun and Noelle loved finding her eggs. It's too bad it wasn't just a little warmer.

Playing and dancing around with her second cousin Kailey. She has so much fun with her.
Grandma Pfeil, Noelle and Becky.

This year we couldn't make it to the big Easter egg hunt that my Grandma Fullmer does but my parents did their own with Noelle. She probably had around 24 eggs to find and some prizes. She got so excited with each one. Towards the end she started getting distracted and wanted to play with some new toys. We also had a very yummy Easter dinner at my parents and everyone was there. Cheesy potatoes are my FAVORITE! Noelle didn't eat much of course. Have I mentioned that she is still very picky. And she does this thing now where she chews and chews on something but doesn't swallow or spit it out. It drives me crazy. Well because she hadn't eaten all that great of food and had so many treats in just a few days she got a little sick. She also had been running around so much that the combination did not agree with her and we didn't have a very fun experience towards the end of our visit. It was so sad to see her so sick. We finally went home and she slept almost the whole night. Today she is almost back to her old self. Lets just say she won't be having many treats any time soon.

Our church doesn't start until 1:30pm. We don't like that but we're trying to make the best of it. Yesterday morning before church we were listening to some music about the Savior and it really brought in the spirit. It helped me to focus on Him and the gift that he gave us of His resurrection. Our ward did an Easter program as well and I felt the spirit stronger than I have in a while. I'm so grateful for Jesus Christ and His love and His life. He did so much for us and I know that He lives. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.

Michael holding little Eric. So cute
Noelle helping feed Eric. Such a big helper
Noelle in her Easter dress
Easter Egg Hunt #2
She got a jump rope and loves it. She's been using my tape measure at home as her jump rope. She can't quite jump over the rope but she loves to pretend and try.
I got an awesome picture of Grandpa Fullmer using Noelle's jump rope
Playing cartwheels with the aunts and uncle
Noelle last night sick in daddy's arms. Thank goodness that's over.

25 week update

Today I'm 25 weeks although I look and feel like more. I had a doctor's appointment last week and it went really well. Our little guy was moving around so much that my doctor had a hard time finding his heartbeat. But she finally did and it was great. My blood pressure has been awesome and I'm soooo grateful for that. This medicine seems to be doing a better job than last time I was pregnant. Plus I haven't felt nearly as stressed and I feel more able to control my stress. I don't really know what has changed except for praying and just feeling content with everything in my life. Baby Michael has been moving around a ton and I had forgotten how much I loved that feeling. I can't be on my feet for very long before I start getting sore all over, especially in my lower back. I'm trying to nap when Noelle does, and luckily she still takes about a two hour nap every day. I know that napping will change once the baby is born but I'll take advantage of it while I can. We'll point and ask Noelle who's in mommy's tummy and she'll say "baby Michael." It's so cute and sometimes she will kiss it. My parents have gotten her to also call him "bob." Hopefully this will not be the case when he is born, although it's pretty funny now. Except for the soreness and being tired most of the time, I feel pretty good. And I'm just hoping and praying that we can get past 32 weeks. I think every week we make it after that we're going to have some kind of celebration. We'll see what happens but I'm feeling optimistic and am so EXCITED to meet our boy!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

March for Babies Event: COMING SOON!

I just wanted to do another March of Dimes, March for Babies post. I haven't posted as much this year about it but it doesn't mean that it isn't still very important to me. I've been a little absent minded and I have had a 2 1/2 year old to chase around. I'll be walking on May 14th in Salt Lake City. So it's coming up pretty soon! There is something about this event that gets me so excited. I like to be a part of something (even if it's a little part) that helps support a good cause. I love to walk and see all the other people there who have been touched by some way by the March of Dimes or who are supporting others. This year Noelle is going to be walking with me and Michael. Noelle is the reason that I do this. She is my inspiration every day and brings so much joy into my life. When she was born so early we had many people (near and far) who supported us. The March of Dimes organization was also one of those supports. Another reason I am walking is to help those families who may not have as much of support as we did. I know I can count on my friends and family to be a part of this with me even if it's just a little. If you would like to donate or find out some more information about it please visit my website March for Babies Website: . A little goes a long way and it means so much to me and my family. Thank you everyone for your support and love.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

watching baby eric

We've had a fun week so far. We started watching my nephew Eric on Tuesday and he came over again on Wednesday. I'm so happy we get to do this. He is so cute and just such a good baby. It's so fun to have a little baby around again. I sure miss it. Eric will smile at me and Noelle and he'll do his little cooing back to me when I talk to him. I just love it. Noelle likes having him over too I think. She calls him "baby Ergit." She asks to hold him and she even wants to try to feed him. She tries to force him to take his pacifier sometimes and thinks he is sad every time he makes a noise. Sometimes I'll say to Eric "hi buddy" and Noelle is starting to do the same. I've noticed when Eric is sleeping Noelle tells me "Mommy, I tired." and lays on the couch or floor. She tries to get in his car seat and has been asking for a lot more milk lately. I think this is good practice for her and I. Although I know it will be different when I have our baby 24/7. It's just been fun and I'm so glad Tanner and Nina wanted me to watch him. I'm already getting attached and as happy I am for them to be going off to medical school in the summer I'm going to be very sad and probably cry a lot.

I've noticed that Eric likes to follow Noelle around with his eyes and by turning his head in the direction she goes. It's so cute. This is Noelle showing Eric her jack-in-the-box.

Two weekends ago Nina got some very cute pictures of Grandma Fullmer, Noelle and Eric. So I had to use them too.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

nothing much

Not much is going on with us lately. So this is a pretty random post. Noelle is cute and learning and growing a lot. She's playing with friends and being more social, so am I. Well I'm trying to be. Last week we went to the library near us and they have this little thing called "Baby, toddler and me." You go into this room with your kids and a lady is there and she sings songs, reads and plays with your children. It's so much fun. Noelle took a bit to warm up but she loved it. She's still a little shy when she is unsure about things but when the lady brought out the toys Noelle just started playing and joining in. This makes me very happy because I was SUCH a shy child. I mean like painfully shy. Noelle is shy when she is unsure about things but then usually just starts to play after a while. She doesn't mind when others take away her toy or push her a little. I'm sure one day she will. But I DO MIND. This doesn't make me a very happy mom when other children are acting this way towards mine and their parents do nothing about it. But that's another story.

This past weekend as we tried to watch General Conference something funny happened. At the end of one of the sessions someone started to say the closing prayer. I didn't fold my arms right away but Noelle did and she looked at me and said "fold arms." So I smiled and listened to her. It was so cute and I was a little humbled by my 2 year old. I'm happy to know that she is learning something from us and I learn something from her every day. I really enjoyed conference and am again reminded of how much I have to be grateful for. How grateful I am that Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us. I'm grateful for my testimony and for my wonderful family.

Noelle is still loving her stuffed animals and cuddling with them. Her new thing to say is "ohhhh (something inserted here) so so cute." For example "ohhhh baby, so so cute." That's usually when she refers to her little cousin Eric. Speaking of Eric, next week we get to start watching him once a week. Yay! I'm so excited to watch and hold this cute little guy. We got to see him this weekend and I couldn't get enough of him. He has the cutest smiles and makes the cutest noises. Plus it will give me some practice on how to change baby boys diapers and I think will help Noelle get used to having a baby around.

Pregnancy update: Nothing super exciting. I'm 22 weeks along and I'm feeling very tired again lately. Doing things has just taken a lot out of me. Our little Michael is moving a lot and I love that. I'm pretty sure he is pretty low. I'm sure showing a lot more than last pregnancy. I feel like I look 10 weeks bigger than I actually am. That's okay and doesn't both me (usually). My back (and the rest of my body for that matter) is aching a lot and I have heart burn at different times throughout the day. Some days I sleep well, others I don't. But my blood pressure has been great and that is what I am most grateful for. That's a good sign that maybe I won't have preeclampsia again, we will see. I actually haven't felt as stressed lately. That has made a difference for sure.

I haven't been very good at taking pictures lately. I think it's just laziness. And I'm kind of ashamed of it. My mom reminded me that I need to start being good at it again because she doesn't have very many pictures of Noelle. I realized she was right. There were some cute pictures taken over the weekend by people other than myself and when I get those from them I'll put them on here. For now these are the most recent pictures I have taken.

One day Noelle just got this blanket and just laid down on the couch. It's probably because she has seen me do this a lot lately. I've been tired again and as embarrassing it is to say that I have been doing this a lot, it is the truth.
We took a very long walk one day last week when it was nice weather. We haven't taken a long walk like that since last summer/fall so it wore both of us out. This is what Noelle did afterward. She took a nice, long nap that day.
This last Sunday it snowed a lot here. And after Noelle looked out the window she went and got all of this winter stuff to put on.

Outside our apartment the day it snowed. A couple days before the blossoms came out on the trees. I shouldn't be surprised that it snowed in April. It does every year here. I was just hoping that the nice weather was going to stay and we weren't going to have any more snow.