Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our growing girl

Noelle had a doctor's appointment on Monday and it went so well. Here's her number update, which are based on a 9 month old girl:

Weight - 19lbs 7 oz - 62%
Length - 28 3/4 inches - 87%
Head circum. - 46 1/2 cm - 99%

I was so happy to see how much she has grown in the last few months. Physically she has completely caught up with a full-term 9 month old. Her motor skills progress seems to be in between her birth date and actual due date. But we're not worried in the slightest. She is active and happy and so aware of everything around her. She wants to move around so bad and tries so hard. The doctor said she might just go from sitting to walking. But I think she will crawl. :)

We went to the head doctor today and it looks like Noelle will have to have the helmet on for at least another 4 weeks. The front of her head has corrected itself almost 100% but the back is pretty much at where it was 4 weeks ago. The doctor wasn't worried at all and made a little more room in her helmet. He said the front of the head is usually the very last thing to correct itself. But not with Noelle. Why am I not surprised? I know I really shouldn't be worried but I am a little. I guess it's just a little frustrating that Noelle has been wearing this for 5 weeks but there's hardly any progress at the place where it needed correcting. That's my venting for today. We'll let you know on the head update in 4 weeks.

We love how much Noelle has grown and how dang cute she is. She is so silly and is constantly smiling and brightening up wherever she is.

We gave her a lemon to try. Even with that face she kept putting it in her mouth.

Playing on the couch and smiling for me.

I love this "What are you doing?" look.

Looking at her book. Books just fascinate her.

Smiling at Grandma Fullmer.

Grandma Fullmer held Noelle's feet while I tried to paint her toenails. They didn't turn out perfect as you can see. She kept moving her toes no matter how tight they were held. Oh well :).

Today Noelle just started pounding on the piano. It's so cute and funny.

Just a little recording for those of you who want to see her "playing" the piano.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

little updates

So today Noelle finally took 2, two-hour naps. I couldn't believe it because lately she has been so stubborn. I was grateful for it because when bedtime hits she is usually a little ornery. She is doing really good with her helmet. She hates it though when we have to put it back on her after she has had an hour break from it. Her flatness has improved a lot. Next week we go in to the doctor's to see how much it has improved. We'll also find out how much longer she has to wear it. Noelle is starting to eat a lot more. No teeth yet so we haven't done much with more solid foods. I swear for a while she was teething and then she wasn't and then she was again and now she isn't. So I'm hoping they will start coming in soon. I want to give her harder food. Noelle hates sitting in a high-chair. For weeks we would put her in it and she would cry the whole time and would never finish her food. Finally we gave in and actually just sit her on the table to feed her. We're looking in to getting a different kind of highchair to see if that will help. She also is loving to jump in place when we are holding her. She gets the brightest smile when she does it. She is so close to crawling. She can't quite get on her knees on her own yet but when we put her on them she pushes herself forward. I know she wants to move around on her own so bad. Anyway. Hope you like the little updates. We're having so much fun with her. Here are some pictures we have taken over the last couple of weeks.

The following three pics were taken on a Sunday afternoon. We don't have a lot of family pictures so I'm glad we got one of all three of us. She loves to put her feet in her mouth. This was one of the times that she got a break from her helmet.
I love when we get smiling pictures of her! She has the most beautiful smile I've ever seen.
I had to put in some bath pictures. :) She doesn't like to lay down much anymore in the bathtub.
Noelle absolutely LOVES this toy crab. It's in her mouth every chance she gets.
Soapy baby
I couldn't believe it when Michael told me he had never lit a firework. So he lit his first firework on July 24, pioneer day. :)
Here is his beautiful firework! Good job hun!
My youngest sister Taylor was coming home from girls camp so me and my mom decided to make her a welcome home sign for the front door and this candy sign that we put on her bed. Sometimes we get a little bored during the day.

Taven's Birthday Party

I just wanted to post a couple of pictures from my cousin son's 1st birthday party. They had an inflatable bouncy house for the kids, great food, and a pinata. Taven loved all of the toys and could hardly stay in his mom's arms to open all of them. Way to go Alyssa and Travis for throwing Taven such a fun first birthday! Travis' mom made the cake for Taven and for everyone else. She also made some cupcakes. His nickname is 'Bear' so she made the cake to fit that. They were so cute!

Monday, August 3, 2009


For anyone who reads my recipe blog I haven't posted a new recipe in while. Well today I put up two new recipes. They are both vegetarian recipes and pretty good. Just wanted to inform those of you who look at my recipe blog every once in a while. Click here if you want them :).