Wednesday, February 8, 2012

6 Months

It's been almost two weeks since Mikey hit 6 months but I wanted to put up his updates anyway. I can't believe he is 6 months. His personality is just coming out more and more every day. First the doctor visit:

Weight: 20lbs 6 oz - 90%
Height: 27.1 inches - 78%
Head Circum.: 75%
His shots were really sad this time. He has such a good sad face.

He's definitely my big boy and such a joy in my life. I've just decided to call him Mikey. I still call him Michael once in a while, but Mikey has sort of grown on me. Plus that's what my family calls him and what Noelle calls him, mostly. Mikey is just the happiest ever. He has just a calm, sweet, happy way about him and I just love it. Here is what he is doing now:

~ rolling over, all the time. He can get himself to the other end of the room and will get stuck and get a little upset because of it.
~ almost sitting up on his own.
~ can move himself in a circle or short distances with his strong arms
~ eating lots of baby food and cereal. So far he loves sweet potatoes, squash, applesauce and pears. Pretty much everything. Although I'm scared to try green veggies still.
~ loves to watch his sister and loves when she reads to him.
~ having a tough time sleeping past 5:30am. We're working really hard on this one, but I don't know what else to do.
~ hes's a cat napper. Once in a while he'll take a long nap, usually just once or twice a week. This drives me crazy.
~ can't eat or sleep when there is so much going on around him.
~ has the cutest spikey reddish hair
~ screams all the time-usually if he is happy or wants attention
~ hasn't been sick at all since he's been born. I feel really grateful for this cause it seems that a lot of kids around us are getting sick.
~ if Noelle is close to him and she is being loud he puts his hand on her face and kind of waves it around, almost telling her that it's bugging him.
~ so patient with his crazy sister and busy mommy an daddy
~ loves taking a bath and splashing
~ every time he is laying down he lifts his head as if doing situps cause he wants to sit up himself
~ loves to go on walks and doesn't seem to mind the cold
~ is really getting into his toys
~ loves his jumperoo (which we call a jumper sometimes)
~ doesn't like the vacuum. It's sad.
~ He responds to Mikey, Michael and "handsome" (this is my nickname for him)

I can't believe Mikey is half way to a year. Wow! Time has flown so much faster with him than it did with Noelle. I love having two kids. It's been quite the adjusment but I love it. I can't imagine our lives without our little guy. My days certainly seem to go by faster with two kids and it's kind of hard to balance everything. But I wouldn't change a thing.

A sweet story: I'm realizing I have to vacuum a whole lot more lately because he can get around. The only bad thing like I said above is Mikey doesn't like the vacuum. It's sad to watch him. His little lip comes out and his eyes start to get red and he has the saddest cry. Well I don't know what it is with the vacuum and my children but Noelle has never liked the vacuum either. Even at this age. She sits on the couch and watches me and won't go near it. Well the other day I put Mikey in his jumperoo and Noelle was on the couch and I started to vacuum. And this was the first time Noelle saw Mikey cry when I vacuumed. She didn't like that. As soon as he started crying Noelle got upset and started crying herself and kept telling me I needed to stop because Mikey was upset. It was sad but so sweet at the same time.

Noelle is always looking out for her little brother and making sure he is happy. She loves to give him kisses and hugs and loves to play and read to him. I got so lucky. I have the sweetest kids and I'm so grateful for both of them in my life.