Thursday, October 23, 2008

2 more months to go!

Lots of updates today. Last week we had another ultra sound, just to see her progress and everything. It was the coolest thing. We even got a video! She is doing good but a little bit smaller than we were expecting. That's probably due to my high blood pressure. She's only about a week behind and the doctor isn't worried. We got to see an awesome shot of her hands on her cheeks and by her mouth. She likes to touch her face a lot. It was so cute and made us so excited!

This past weekend I felt really weird, sore, and extremely exhausted. It's almost like I could feel my blood pressure rise. On Monday when I went in for my doctors appointment my blood pressure was 152/110. Not good! So the doctor put me on bed rest :(. He is also having some other tests done on me. And he gave me some steroid shots for little Noelle's lungs so they can develop quicker, just in case she comes early. Today my blood pressure was way down (125/81) and he said it was most likely because I was off of my feet and not so stressed. Apparently I stress out a lot and that's just what my body does or how it reacts. Noelle is doing good and her heartbeat is healthy and is still moving a lot. Bed rest has been okay. Michael has been so wonderful and patient and I really don't know what I would do without him. Thank you Michael! I have a great visiting teacher who is always calling to check up on me and a great ward. My dad brought me lunch and brought us some groceries. Thank you! My mom came down yesterday and cleaned our house, did the dishes, bathroom, etc. It helped so much and I am so grateful for her. Her and my sister also brought me some books to read. If anyone has any suggestions on what books to read or other things to do, please let me know! Sometimes it gets so frustrating and discouraging not being able to do anything really for yourself. You have to rely completely on someone else. It sure has made me grateful for what I do have. I have felt a lot of mixed emotions the last couple of days and I am realizing what things really matter. My faith has gone to a completely different level and I'm learning to be humble, that's for sure. Noelle is healthy and I want to do anything I can to keep her that way. Me and Michael are to the point now that we just can't wait to hold her and look at her. It's getting so close :). Only 2 months, more or less! Thanks for everyones support and love!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Week 29!

I'm feeling tired but good. I'm 29 weeks along now (wooohooo!-only 11 more to go, or around there) and I'm really feeling huge. I don't know how any one else felt, but I feel like she's growing by the minute and getting much heavier. I went to my doctor's appointment and my blood pressure (bp) was ok. He's said that I was maintaining, which I really didn't want to hear, but at least it's not getting worse. I have to take one more bp pill a day and the doctor made me cut my hours at work. So now I am working part time and going home to take a nap. My hands and feet are swelling up a little too and being off my feet will really help with that. The good news from my doctor: she's moving a lot, she has a very healthy heart beat, and my weight is doing great! Like I said I'm trying to stay off my feet more so our little house is suffering a little. It takes a lot of control for me not to clean or do other things with the extra hours I have now. Michael is really good though and cleans for me, without even being asked :). The top 3 chores I've hated since I've been pregnant:

3. Making the bed
2. Doing the dishes
1. Cleaning the bathroom (particularly the bathtub)

I've really started to love the color pink. Ever since we knew that our baby was a girl everything pink looks so cute. The other colors are great but for some reason I just want to buy pink things. Maybe I'm just weird, did anyone else feel that way at one point? I think everything "baby girlish" looks cute to me. We're getting so excited to have her here with us and I honestly feel like I am getting to know her already. My sister Alyson sent me a text the other day about how she already feels that little Noelle is part of our family. Me and Michael totally feel that way too and I already want to protect her in any way that I can. My motherly worries are already starting (which isn't unusual if you know me, I always worry). 11 more weeks to go, that still sounds like a lot, but we are getting more excited with every passing week!