Monday, January 26, 2009

Tough Noelle

So it has been brought to our attention that our little 3 month old (adjusted age: age according to my due date, only 1 month old) is teething. I did not think this was possible so early. One day we noticed that her gums were bleeding and she was drooling more than normal. Her sleeping schedule was off and when she would eat she would cry more than usual. We called her doctor and he said that is was very rare, especially for a preemie but that it was possible. He told us to give her some Tylenol. Well a few days went by and I still didn't believe it until I saw the two little white spots on her bottom gums which were her teeth coming on through. When we realized we could give her tylenol we were really grateful and it helped so so much. She is still on oxygen and she is teething and technically she is only one month old. We have a tough little girl!

Friday, January 16, 2009


I'm sure a lot of you already have a ton of places where you get your backgrounds. But here is another site in case you want it. Just scroll down to the different backgrounds to find the one you like. On the right side are instructions for putting them on your blog.


I love our new apartment! It's such a difference compared with our old one. We had some not so good leaking/mold problems that I don't even want to go in to. We're in a basement apartment and the family is so great. They have three little boys, who we do hear running around upstairs but it doesn't bug us. After all we do have a baby who likes to cry (very loud) once in a while. Everything is new and I love the kitchen. I actually enjoy cleaning it and doing the dishes. Who would've thought? This has definitely given me some ideas with what I want for our own house one day.

Well, Noelle is doing good. She's getting bigger every day and is staying awake more. She has actually almost grown out of the newborn clothes, I can't even believe it. Sometimes I can't even believe that she was so much smaller than she is now. Noelle's doctor wanted to do a trial without her oxygen. I was so excited! "My baby finally gets to have the oxygen cannula taken off!" I can't even tell you how this made me feel. (These pictures are of her right after we took the cannula out of her nose) Well the trial was for about 12 hours. She got to have this little monitor on her foot that tested her blood oxygen level. She LOVED having the cannula off. We were so excited to get the results because we were POSITIVE that they would be good and we could celebrate not having to wheel around her oxygen tank around the house and to grandma's. Well the nurse called and gave me the OPPOSITE news that I wanted to hear. (of course) For the most part her oxygen stayed at a great level, but it seemed that when she slept it would go down. This happened more than just a couple times and so the doctor wants to keep her on oxygen for the next two months, and then after that we will do another trial to see where she is at. Of course I want the best for my little daughter, but after hearing the news I just cried. I loved seeing my happy baby with it off. You could tell the difference it made. But I will continue to be patient. At least she is healthy and home with us.

Lately I have been a little down. So many things that we were hoping to work out just haven't and I just feel lost. When it rains it pours, right? I'm really trying to be positive and optimistic. A very good friend of mine just recently told me something that a member of the seventy (i think) told her: Our faith today isn't sufficient for tomorrow, we must help it to grow EVERY day. (sorry if I totally butchered that and if it doesn't make sense). So for now, I'm just going to trust that things will work out the way Heavenly Father said it will. I know He keeps his promises and I trust Him, I just need to increase my faith.

Noelle actually holding her little bottle. -She doesn't really know that she is holding it :)