Monday, September 27, 2010

a little of this and that...

Nothing too exciting has happened with us lately. To let you know the potty training has been put on hold. The first day she went a few times with me getting her to go. The next day she was so upset when I even mentioned the word 'potty.' So we decided that we were going to wait a little while. We want her to be ready and have fun with it. And I'm not even stressed over it or anything. My blood pressure has been crazy. I think I've always had a problem with it but it wasn't until I was pregnant with Noelle that it caused any problems. A couple of weeks ago my blood pressure was taken and it was SUPER high. I should've know. I can feel it sometimes when it's high and also at the time I hadn't been eating the greatest. My eating habits and stress really affect my blood pressure. I get stressed at the fact that I know I'm going to get my blood pressure taken. How stupid is that? Well since then I've changed my diet and my blood pressure has gotten a lot better. However stress still affects it. I need to just figure out some ways to relax and not let things get to me. I really didn't think I stressed out that much but apparently I do and it's really affecting my health. If you have any ideas or books on how to relax let me know.

I haven't put any pictures of Noelle on here for a while. So it's about time I did.

One day on a walk
We walked really far one day to this park
She looks like such a big girl in this one

Noelle doing her "Cheese" look for the camera
She loves this hat and she's saying hi to me :)
She's eating an apple here. She LOVES eating whole apples.
Noelle about to go to sleep with her elmo doll and her baby.
We had put her chair up on the couch and she got up and sat on it all by herself
We went on a picnic on Saturday and had so much fun. We love picnics!

Daddy and Noelle

Sunday, September 19, 2010

a little help

I know that Noelle is just at that stage, but I'm seriously in need of some advice and help with church behavior and nursery. She won't go to nursery, and I mean WON'T. We try to leave her in there crying but after 15 minutes of it they bring her to us. Today it was less than five minutes later. I am in the primary presidency and right now we are really busy getting ready for the program next week. So lately Michael has been taking care of Noelle. Well today Michael was sitting in priesthood and the teacher from nursery came in with Noelle (during opening exercises no less) handed her to him and said "This is just not working." We just don't know what to do. She is very clingy to us when we try to leave her with people that she doesn't know very well. We're trying to get her more involved with the other kids, outside of church as well. Does anyone have any advice for us? Please?

Church doesn't start until 1:00pm for us. This has proven to be a horrible time for Noelle. We have priesthood/relief society first, then Sunday school, then Sacrament meeting. I know I can't expect wonderful behavior from Noelle but what can I do to keep her more occupied? We try coloring, that lasts for maybe five minutes. We try books and bring her very favorite ones, but that doesn't last very long either. It seems like the only thing that will keep her occupied for more than five minutes is a sucker or a box of raisins (random). What are some good, reverent activities that an almost 2 year old can do? Or is this just how she is going to be? Sorry to complain, it's just been a long day.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

funny girl

I have such a funny daughter. I just want to share a couple of things.

1)When we go to bed we say a prayer with Noelle. We've tried getting her more involved. For example when we say "We're grateful for our family" we'll say to Noelle "say 'family'." Then she'll say something that usually doesn't sound much like family, I think she's just being silly. We also will say "Help us to sleep good" and then we'll say to Noelle "say 'good'." Then for 'good' she'll say 'mmmmm' (like a mmmm this is good food kind of 'mmmmm') We just laugh.

2) Today me and Noelle went on a walk and on the path I showed her a grasshopper, which was huge. She went over to try and touch it and it jumped away of course. Then she went over and this time tried to step on it and again it jumped away. Then she found it and tried to step on it again and almost got it but it jumped away into the bushes. She really thought it was funny but seemed a little confused at why it was jumping away. It was so cute to watch.

3) Last night I was walking past Noelle's room and heard her making noises and talking to herself (she often does this before she falls asleep). I listened even closer and realized she was giggling. Not just a little but a LOT. I called Michael over and we listened to her giggling to herself for about five minutes. It made us laugh so hard. We walked in to just say hi and give her a hug and she just had the biggest smile on her face and looked so happy. Either she was having a great dream or she was thinking of something very funny. I loved it though :)!

And last of all I just want to say that I have such a happy and bright little girl. She just makes me happy all day and I can't help smiling and laughing whenever I'm around her. Love you Noelle, so so much!

Friday, September 10, 2010


I am thinking of starting to try to potty train Noelle on Monday. Just wondering if anyone has any tips to start or if I should be looking for signs from her, or something. I kind of tried a few weeks ago but it didn't seem like the right time. Maybe now is not the right time either. No idea. I really don't know what the heck I'm doing and am feeling a little overwhelmed at the task!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

First Haircut

Noelle got her first haircut today! It really wasn't that long, just getting long in weird places, making it look like she had a mullet :). My aunt Denise cuts hair and always does such an amazing job so we had her do Noelle's. We gave her a sucker and she sat on Michael's lap and she was good the whole time. No crying, no screaming, it was great. Denise said she hasn't seen anyone that has been as good as she was. It's such a cute haircut. Maybe her hair will start growing in a little more evenly. I also go my haircut and I love it. It feels so good to get a haircut. I have such fine hair (like a baby's) and it's hard to keep it looking full. But Denise made it look great! But I was told that I have really healthy hair, so that's good.

Look at those bangs in her eyes

I love the back of her hair

New haircuts!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Yesterday I turned 27. In the last six years or so my birthday hasn't really felt different as far as age. This birthday was different. It just seems so much older than 26. My friend that is my same age pointed out "Maybe it's because it's closer to 30." So true. I just feel older. But not really in a bad way. Anyway.

I had a great birthday! The day was pretty much normal. When Michael got home from work we went and took Noelle to my parents house. He then surprised me and we went to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner, one of our favorite places. Then afterward we went to my new favorite ice cream place called SUB ZERO ICECREAM. If you haven't been there what they do is use what is called a cryogenic solution and literally make the ice cream right in front of you. You pick what kind of cream you want, then the flavors you want (as many as you want) and a mix in. Last night my flavor(s) of ice cream was vanilla, sweet chocolate, cake batter and peanut butter with a heath candy bar mix in. It was so good! I definitely recommend it and it's fun to watch them make it all in front of you. Then we picked up Noelle and went home. Michael gave me a card that made me cry and my present. My present was taking a class (through a county/community program) of my choice. Some might not think that this is a very fun present but I have been dieing to take a pottery/ceramics class forever. We just haven't been able to justify the money for it. I loved doing this in high school and a little in college and I was pretty good at it and I remember enjoying myself so much. So I just get to choose a class and go to it all by myself and I'm so excited. It was really something I know Michael put thought in to and it made my day. Oh I just love him. I also got a $25 gift card to Micheal's, Eclipse, and some scripture children story books from family. Michael's side of the family also calls you up on your birthday and sings Happy Birthday to you. So I got four different calls and it was so fun. Thanks everyone for making me feel so great on my birthday!

On a different note I'm the Primary Secretary now and I'm having a lot of fun with it. It's kept me really busy but I enjoy working with the rest of the presidency and the kids are awesome!