Monday, September 21, 2009

Grandma's Visit

We've had a very eventful and fun week. Grandma Pfeil came to visit! We haven't seen her since early February. We spent a lot of time with her and had lots of fun. She even came with me and Noelle to the doctor's office (she has had a cold, slight ear infection, and a bad cough). Michael had Friday off so we went shopping and out to lunch. She bought Noelle a lot of cute fall and winter clothes and some cute shoes. Thank you so much! Because she won't be able to be here for Noelle's 1st birthday we did any early birthday kind of, complete with a cake Noelle had all to herself. It was so nice to spend time with her and I know Noelle had so much fun with her. We're so grateful you were able to come and be with us. It meant a lot. We love you so much!! Here are some pictures from when she was here with us.

Picking mom up from the airport. Don't they look so much alike?

Noelle in a highchair at the restaurant. She was very curious.

The first bite of her early birthday cake. We didn't think she would be so eager to get into it but it took her about five seconds to realize what it was. She really liked the feel of the icing in between her hands. We're so glad we got to do this for Grandma Pfeil while she was here.

Happy girl!

Digging in

She really enjoyed herself.

"I'm done."

Grandma and Noelle!! Both so happy.

Three generations

Noelle in her pretty Sunday dress from Grandma Pfeil.

It was hard to get her to not move for a few seconds while I took a picture.
She's obviously focusing on something else and not smiling for the camera :).

Monday, September 14, 2009

Hungry for more Hunger Games

Has anyone read the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins? Well the sequel Catching Fire came out a couple of weeks ago and I just finished it. I totally love this series. Maybe I shouldn't so much, I don't know. But I was really looking forward to closure in this book. But with only two books so far how can I expect that right? At every corner of this book something happens that I don't expect and I love that. I love a book that just sucks me in and is exciting the whole way through. Can't wait for the third one to come out. If anyone has read book 1 or 2 I would love to read your thoughts on it! Anyway, this series is definitely in my top five.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

trying something different

We went to the head doctor today and Noelle's head shape has not changed one little bit in 4 weeks. So the doctor suggested that we only put her helmet on during naps, bedtime and while she is in her car seat. He said sometimes this will really help to reshape a baby's head. I hope something changes or that we can at least take it off of her because she is sure getting sick of it. Again we'll let you know what has happened in 4 weeks. Here we go again!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Onion Days

Today we had a fun day in Payson, Utah. We went to what is called "Onion Days" which starts off with a parade and then after there is a carnival, a band, tons of booths to buy things, and yummy food. Well I thought it was going to be partly cloudy. No such luck. It was so hot. So we decided to give Noelle a little extra break from her helmet. Good thing we did because she was so hot even without it on. After the hot, long (but fun) parade we headed to the fair grounds to set up chairs. We were there with my dad's side of the family so we made quite the circle.

After getting in the shade Noelle was as happy as can be and just being so fun. We had these very good pulled barbeque pork sandwhiches (not on the diet). Then my parents watched Noelle while me and Michael walked around to see if we wanted to buy anything. Well we found the deep-fried snickers booth. We saw these once on tv and wanted to try it. So we shared one. It's a snickers dipped in like a pancake batter and deep fried. It's like heaven on a stick and yet I could just feel how bad it was for me as it went down. Oh well, it was good and we don't do that very often.

Michael bought a hunting knife (kind of something he likes to collect) and I bought this wall hanging with a saying on it. We had fun just walking around and looking at everything. Noelle took a short nap while we were gone and when she woke up we left. It was a fun day and we got some fun pictures. I think Noelle really liked being around so many people and the more she grows the more comfortable she is around others. It's so fun watching her be social.

warning: lots of pictures ahead

Before the parade started. She was so happy to get her helmet off.

happy to be in the sun

She wanted to hold the umbrella all by herself.

Grandpa Fullmer gave her some cotton candy. She was very interested.

She liked it...

and wanted some more. :)

Grape otter pop. She had way too much sugar for one day. Oh well.

Cool float in the parade.

Noelle with my cousin Alyssa and her son Taven.

Trying to give hugs and kisses. :) Taven was being so calm and patient.

Noelle was so excited to be around someone close to her size and age.

Michael and I. I was sweaty and so was my hair.

Me and my youngest sister Taylor!

Part of the group that went.

Michael reading his book of course. So not surprised.

Noelle taking a nap in her stroller. Poor girl was so tired.
A pretty sunset Sunday evening outside the house.

Noelle holding a corn on the cob not knowing exactly what to think of it. I just love her faces!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sunshine On a Cloudy Day

I know it's been a little while since I've blogged. Sorry about that. I'll try to do better. Noelle is doing great. She is so active and is still working on crawling. She's even closer now and I know one day she'll just start crawling all over the place and be into everything. She loves to take steps and walks on her tippy toes. She's even started to let go of our hands to help her, but we catch her quickly because she's not at the stage yet where she can hold herself up all on her own. She wants to do so many things and I think her body is not quite caught up yet. We went to see the plastic surgeon (the one who officially told us to get her a helmet) last Wednesday and he said she'll have to wear the helmet for another 6-8 weeks at least. It's just not reshaping like we were hoping. It's probably because she started wearing it at about 8 months and that's a little late I guess. We're praying that something changes soon because we really don't know what the other options are.

So as a little side note, I've been on this diet for the last 5 weeks and it's been going pretty well. I haven't been perfect but I'm eating really healthy and know so much more about food and how it can make you or break you. It has been hard to undue my food cravings. I'm amazed at how often I would just eat when I was bored or for any other occasion for that matter. I've felt such a difference in my mind and body and I love that feeling. I've been working out and have been working hard on finally trying to accomplish a goal that I have had for a long time. I've lost 20lbs and plan on continuing for a while. I just wanted to share that because I'm a little proud of myself and feel pretty good :)!

We're so excited because Grandma Pfeil is coming to visit on Sept. 15 and is staying for a about a week. We're so happy to see her and cannot wait until she is here!

I was thinking of the song "My Girl" the other day and these words explain exactly how we feel about our little Noelle. "I've got sunshine on a cloudy day. When it's cold outside I've got the month of May." I know that sounds corny but it's true and our world is better because she is in it. Whenever I feel discouraged or need a smile I just look at her and she fixes it all.

Here are a bunch of random photos. She has just grown so much and I can't believe it sometimes.

One of Noelle's many sleeping positions

All bundled up with Grandma Fullmer I wanted to see if the hood would fit over her helmet.

This shirt was tie-dyed by Grandma Fullmer when they were at camp. I just love it. (Don't worry we were being very careful and watching her closely while she was on the counter.)

"I'm as tall as Dad."

Sunday afternoon with Aunt Taylor and Noelle

She was just sitting there so peacefully watching everyone :)

Noelle with one of those biter biscuits. She loves them but if we don't watch her closely she'll actually bite down hard enough and break off a big piece. No teeth yet, unfortunately.

Trying broccoli for the first time. I think she kinda liked it because she kept putting it in her mouth.

Messy, happy girl :)

Noelle never really liked using a pacifier. I gave her one of her old ones today and as you can see from this picture she doesn't really remember or care about what it is actually used for.

Noelle loves to drink from a cup without any kind of lid. She's a little possessive of the cup as well :). Here's a video of it.