Tuesday, September 25, 2012

new blog

Yes I've started a new blog yet again.  It's basically just somewhere to journal all my ups and downs about getting healthy and being in control and enjoying the food I eat.  Go to the following blog address if you're interested.  foodaholicdiaries.blogspot.com  I'm hoping that this will be a blog that others enjoy reading and relating to.  I'm trying to be as honest and upfront as I can be about the struggles I have had and am currently having with getting healthy.  Maybe you can share with others you think may want to read it.  Let me know what you think!  Thanks everyone! 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Well today was a sad day.  My family's little dog Ricky died today.  He's been in my family for nearly 14 years.  He has been one great, sweet dog.  He was a teacup poodle and we had him since he was a small puppy.  Poor little guy had a collapsing trachea, an enlarged heart, cataracts, possibly a tumor and who knows what else.  My parents had taken him into the vet so many times to try to help with his horrible cough and everything else.  He was just so old and anything further that would've been done was not a guarantee that it would even help.  He also couldn't get groomed because he didn't have his rabies shots.  He couldn't get rabies shots because he was so unhealthy and had such a bad cough.  So my mom and I went to have him "put down."  Wow, what a sad experience that was.  My mom got really emotional and I didn't think that I would.  But as soon as I walked into the office I lost it.  This little dog of mine had been such a big part of my life.  I don't care if this sounds corny but he had really been there through very hard moments in my life.  He loved to be around me and got really excited whenever I would come around.  I really liked that.  It made me feel good.  Things changed a little as I left the house and had kids, but I always felt that he understood.  He was suffering so much and really had a hard time breathing and seeing.  I'm glad that he isn't suffering anymore.  I won't explain how the whole procedure went but my mom and I were right there when his little heart stopped beating.  The vet felt really bad and let us have as much time as we needed to say goodbye.  We just kept crying and petting him and talking to him.  We said "Say hi to Eric for us."  I don't know all the doctrine behind animals in the spirit world or anything but I know that they will for sure be with us.  He was such a good companion and friend and there is no way that we would never see him again.  Explaining all of this to Noelle was quite the task.  She seemed to really understand but had lots of questions.  Here are some things that she has said about it:

(in a sad voice with her little lip out)  "But when Ricky dies damin and pa will buy a new dog and name him Ricky and he will be Lucy's friend."  (lucy is my parent's other dog)

"If Ricky dies, then Lucy will bite me."

"Ricky dies and then I die and we will be friends in heaven.  I don't want to die mommy." (this one brought me to tears)

"Ricky will have friends in heaven mommy."

Saying her last goodbyes to Ricky "Goodbye Ricky.  See you later in heaven."

Our conversation today, right before I left:
Noelle: "Who is going to take care of him in heaven?"
Me:  "Big Eric." (meaning my little brother Eric)
Noelle: (while smiling) "Heavenly Father and Jesus will take care of him too."

Noelle loved her little Ricky.  Even though he was meaner to her than Lucy was,  she always liked Ricky the most.  She even named her favorite dog that she sleeps with "Ricky."  I think next time we go over to my parent's house she'll actually realize that he is gone and I don't know how she will react.  Ricky kind of put the idea in her head of getting a dog.  She loves dogs and I'm pretty sure that it all started with our little buddy Ricky.  See you later in heaven Ricky.  We love you.

Noelle and Ricky when she was a lot younger

Noelle and Ricky just a few days ago

A birthday story full of my favorite things

Today was my birthday and I decided this year I was going to really make the most out of it.  Life is great right now it just seems that I have been worrying a lot and stressing a lot and so I decided that today was going to be free of that.  I deserved to give myself a day free of all that and to just take it all in and enjoy my time with my family.  And Michael was a HUGE part of that.  We do not keep surprises from each other very well.  But I really wanted him to surprise me with where were going for dinner.  And he did a good job but I'll mention that later.

He asked me what I wanted for breakfast, expecting that it would be a big breakfast cause we don't do that very often.  But all I wanted was a bowl of LIFE cereal.  It has sounded good to me for a while, it's my favorite and I just love cereal anyway.  Plus I have tried really hard to eat healthy and cereal can't really be a part of that because I tend to over indulge in it.  I decided to add cinnamon rolls to our breakfast and Michael decided to add Simply Orange, orange juice.  Another favorite of mine.  Noelle couldn't wait to give me her present so she gave it to me the night before.  Four beautiful roses.  For months she has talked about how she wanted to get me flowers for my birthday.  It was so sweet and you should've seen the smile on her face when she gave them to me.    It just melted my heart.  Saturday morning her and Michael gave me this darling card that almost made me cry, some lindt chocolate (another favorite) and the movie Return to Me (another favorite).  He ALWAYS gets me a gag gift so this year it was the movie Get Smart.  He is always making me laugh or say "What the heck is he doing?"  

The house was a little messy when I woke up but I tried really hard not to let it get to me.  Michael told me not worry and not to do anything so that's what I did.  We took a little trip to the store to get our groceries for the week.  It wasn't crowded at all.  What a great present :)!  While we were there I got some popcorn jelly bellies (favorite), and some chocolate covered cinnamon bears (favorite, introduced to me by my roommate in college).  Then afterward I didn't want to make anything for lunch so we got another few favorites of mine: McDonald's chicken nuggets and fries and Dr. Pepper :).  I have been meaning to cut Michael's hair for a while so it was getting quite long.  I suggested that this time he just have it done at Great Clips, so he did.  Another stress filled event avoided.

We went home and while Michael and Noelle made me a cake I got to take a nice long shower.  I even got to do my hair and makeup without any interruptions.  That was awesome.  PS I didn't even have to change one diaper all day long.  Anyway...  Then we headed off to my parent's house.  They watched the kids for us while we went out to dinner.  Remember it was a surprise?  He did a great job at keeping it.  No hints, no "would you rather go ----- instead of -----?"  He kept the surprise :)!  We went to Tucanos at the Gateway in Salt Lake City.  One of our favorites.  We love this place.  It's a Brazilion grill and it's so yummy.  My favorite thing that I got was roasted fresh pineapple.  Mmmmmm...  Anyway.  Afterward I got to spend some time picking out some earrings.  I really "needed" some new ones you know.  Then we went home and my parents got me a gift card to Michaels.  Which I am determined to only use for things I want.  I had chosen a yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  And we also had my favorite ice cream, cookies-n-cream (I also love oreo ice cream).  When we drove home the kids actually fell asleep in the car and we got to put them right to bed.  Another birthday miracle :)!

On top of the wonderful birthday that I had the weather was awesome!  It was probably around 72 degrees all day.  It even got cooler later on.  That kind of weather (fall-like weather) is my favorite.  It was like my own little present from heaven :).  What a great day I had!  I got to spend it with my favorite people (minus some that are out of town) and they made it absolutely wonderful for me.  29 doesn't seem so bad after all.  It does make me feel a lot older though.  

I thought I would be brave and add a picture on here of myself. This was after doing my hair and makeup and I was feeling pretty good about myself.