Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just for fun and other info

We've been very busy this week. It was kind of nice at first until today hit and we just got worn out. I didn't mention that Michael started a new job last week which has made his days a little more exhausting than normal. It's not a lot but it is something and we are very grateful for that. He's training for it right now and so he works the night shift. It's been different and a little bit of an adjustment for all of us, but so far it's been a good experience. Other than that not much has been going on. We're getting ready for our little boy to come. It's less than 4 weeks away and I have so much to do. I really want to get it done, in fact all I talk about these days with Michael is baby this and baby that. I just don't have very much energy right now and can't move around very fast. So we're just taking it one day at a time and I'm learning to not stress over what I can't control. Hopefully all that needs to get done will get done by the time he is here.

Monday we went to Liberty park. This is the greatest park. I didn't really know how cool it was until I went last year with my sister-in-law Nina and Noelle. There is a little splash pad but Noelle is very hesitant to just run through water squirting up from the ground for some reason. Michael ran through some of it while holding her and she did not like that at all. Some of her hesitation may have come from there being so many big kids around. I don't mean just 4 and 5 year olds, I mean 12 and 13 year olds. Anyway, she just wanted to play on the regular park. Which again is pretty big and very fun. They also have this mini replica of some different canyons here in Utah. They fill it with clean chlorine water and you can just walk around in it and get wet. Noelle LOVED this. She just wanted to walk everywhere and loved the fountains. The park also has tons of places to sit down and have a picnic, some amusement park rides and a place to buy food and drinks and a duck pond. The heat really wore on Noelle and she was so tired by the end of our little outing (so was I). It's free and that's something that we were really happy about.

The next several pictures are from the canyon replica area. It's so cool and fun.

Up in the "bigger canyons"
just wading in the pool
Some of it seemed a bit steep and slippery for her but she wasn't at all hesitant and didn't slip once.
loved the fountains
My handsome, good sport of a husband. He pretty much walked around with her the whole time. I was kind of afraid that I might slip and fall being my clumsy, pregnant self.

Noelle doesn't really like when I vacuum. So when I do we put her chair on the couch and she just sits and watches. And sometimes afterward she'll clap for me and says "yay mommy, you did it!" :) (probably because I don't do it as often as I should)
Noelle has quite the glare. Sometimes we'll do this to each other and just laugh

A Very Hungry Caterpillar

Noelle has really been enjoying books lately and we found her reading this one all by herself. This was the second time reading it so we didn't get as much but it's still super cute :). She's got a great memory, not at all like mom, but just like dad.

Friday, June 24, 2011

33 weeks 6 days

Are you guys sick of my baby posts yet? There sure are a lot of them. Things are looking good still. I'm so so happy about that. He's measuring in at 33 weeks 6 days and his estimated weight is 5lbs 4oz. Which I guess is the 52% for weight right now. I just love that he's over 5lbs. The ultra sound tech predicts that he will be around 7lbs when he is born (if he lasts until 38 weeks that is). The first thing that the tech saw on the ultra sound was that he had lots of hair. And he even kind of had a mohawk. I'm so excited to see and meet my cute little boy. This week was the first week to get really hot, in the 80's or more. And I sure can feel it when I go outside. We've been spending a lot of time in the pool lately which does 2 things for me 1) keeps me cool and 2) takes all the pressure and pain away from my body. It's pretty much my favorite place to be while moving around so I'm going to keep going as long as I can walk from our apartment door to the pool. A little over 4 weeks or less and I'm going to be holding my sweet little baby Michael, can't wait.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sound of Sunshine

This is totally random but I don't care. Today was a great start to the week. The sun is shining but it's not hot, it's a very nice day. This morning Michael, Noelle and I went on a walk and fed the ducks. Long walks are getting harder for me but I enjoy them so much. We went home and were kind of tired so we relaxed a little. We were about to get lunch for Noelle when she brought Michael her swimsuit and said she wanted to go swimming. She was sick for a few days and so we couldn't go. We told her once she got better we could go swimming. She obviously remembered :). We were going to go tomorrow but we couldn't say no. Our apartment pool was empty for a bit and I love that, when it's not crowded. Then some friends dropped by and we played with them for a little bit. Noelle loves to be in the water right now and so do I! We went home and had some lunch. Can I also add that Noelle ate a ton of grapes, strawberries and oranges. This makes me very happy because sometimes she is so picky. I love fruit during the summer. And I just heard this song called the Sound of Sunshine and it just fit perfectly for today. Sometimes Mondays can be a bit of a bummer, but once in a while when we have a good one I like to remember it. Here's the song if you want to hear it:

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Michael is really hard to buy for sometimes. So buying a Father's Day gift wasn't much fun this year. We went to Target yesterday and he picked something out that he wanted. I really had no clue, but I wish I could have been more creative. I usually look forward to making him breakfast in bed on this day but for certain reasons we actually stayed the night at my parent's house. My sister Taylor made my dad breakfast in bed and she made extras, which was very sweet of her. But because we were there I wasn't able to follow through with my plans of making Michael breakfast. Noelle woke up a couple times in the middle of the night and Michael kept soothing her and convincing her to go back to sleep.

Like I've said before I sure am more uncomfortable than I was last pregnancy. All day I was super tired, my back was killing me and I was emotional. I really tried not to be because of Father's Day but you can only control so much. He was just sweet and patient as usual. Noelle is still in diapers and Michael took that over today as well. It is so hard for me to get up and down off of the floor and usually I don't even want to try. He helps me up when I feel like I can't on my own. He was jobless for a little over 5 weeks and has had a large amount of stress placed upon him. He deals with Noelle's whining much better than I do right now. And even with all of this he is still so loving to Noelle and I and treats me like a queen. I wish I could have made his Father's Day better. I wish I could have given him a little break. But being the wonderful man that he is Michael said to me today with a smile "You don't take a break from being a dad." The card that I got for him said this:

front: Happy Father's Day, Honey! Today belongs to you.
inside: No, really. 364 days are plenty for me.

I thought it was so funny but Michael really has been so wonderful and has always put me and Noelle first.

I just love him so much and I am so blessed to have him in my life. I'm so grateful to go through this life with him and all eternity. He is a wonderful Father and a day doesn't go by that he doesn't express his love to Noelle and I. Michael, We are so lucky to have you in our life! I can't express how much I love you and I can just see it by the way Noelle is with you that she feels the same. Happy Father's Day!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

my big girl

Lately two of Noelle's favorite songs just happen to be church songs. In nursery she has been learning "I'm so glad when Daddy comes home" and she just loves singing it and doing the actions. One she has liked for a while is "The temple song" (this is what she calls it). She sings this song so cute and I can't believe that I haven't gotten it on video yet. Hopefully she'll let me get it soon. It makes me very happy and proud to hear her learn and like these primary songs. Of course the nursery leaders are doing a wonderful job but it also helps me to realize that as parents we are doing a good job also. The other morning before I woke up Michael told me that Noelle went and got the scriptures and said to him "I want read scriptures daddy." This has been something we have really worked on as a family, to read every day together. We haven't done perfectly but we've done a pretty good job. And I really can feel the spirit in our home as we've done this together. And it just makes me happy to know that Noelle is remembering and getting something out of it.

She is just getting to be such a big girl too. She is just picking up everything and is so observant. She sings along to songs on her favorite shows and movies. And I love when Noelle says things like "I like this song" or "It's kinda spicey." This is when something is too hot or has a different flavor. She says that about her toothpaste sometimes. And lately she tells me that baby Michael is taking a nap and she'll say "oooh I love you baby Michael" and hug and kiss my belly. I just love it. Along with all this big girl stuff she is also getting a little more whiny and has more attitude. But that's okay and we deal with it when it comes along. She is such a big helper. When Michael or I ask her to put something away she usually does it without question. I'm only hoping that this will last into more of her childhood. We'll see. I'm just grateful for Noelle in my life. When things seem so hard and I just want to be down she helps me to feel happy. I can't fake it around her. She is just the light of my life and I'm so grateful to Heavenly Father to be her mother.

Noelle loves to dress up and be silly (just like her dad). This is her raincoat from last year. And even though it's way small on her I can't put it away cause she loves to put it on. She's also really good lately at letting me take pictures.

Last week we watched cousin Eric and Noelle wanted to take a picture with him. I think watching him has helped her a little to get used to having a baby around.

I know I have a lot of pictures of her sleeping on the couch, but I think they are so cute. This was after a very long walk and swimming. She was exhausted.

Being silly again like her daddy. Funny thing is Michael had this same stuff on just minutes before.

Baby update: I made it past 32 weeks! Monday marked that day and I was just a little anxious. But the day came and went and no high blood pressure. I went to the doctor yesterday for another ultra sound and non-stress test and it went great. He's actually measuring 6 days ahead, which instead of 32 weeks I guess I'm 33 weeks. And he's grown, because his estimated weight is 4lbs 15oz, ALREADY. I can't even believe that. He's almost 5lbs. Last pregnancy I was far from carrying a 5lb baby, but I'm so grateful that he is growing and is healthy.
Here are some things I'm experiencing at this point in my pregnancy: Still having cravings. My latest: nacho cheese doritos. I can't get enough of them. I don't know why but they are delicious to me. Another one is fruit. Especially strawberries. My appetite has certainly increased so I've really got to watch it. I'm still hating to touch any type of raw meat. I'll do it if Michael isn't around but if he is you won't find me near it. I'm a sweat machine. I'll get all ready for the day and then do Noelle's hair and by the end of doing it I'm sweating and have to blow dry my hair again, gross. I sleep with a fan on me all night because if I don't my night is even more miserable. You've all heard this but my body is aching everywhere, all the time. I've been fairly active though and go on walks and do water aerobics. Swimming is my favorite activity to do while I'm pregnant. It's probably because I feel so light. Anyway, that's enough for today. We'll see how big our little Michael is by the end of next week, I'm really excited to find out.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

a little more relief

Doctor's appointment today went great. We had an ultra sound to measure the baby and all the amniotic fluid. He's doing great and is about 3 days ahead of schedule. He is in a breech position. His estimated weight is 4lbs 8oz, which is only one ounce smaller than when Noelle came home from the hospital. I can't believe that. No wonder I feel bigger. We also did a non-stress test and everything went well with that. No signs of preeclampsia yet. My doctor is happy with how well everything is going and even said to me today "Your ankles look great." That's always good to hear :). I really think this water aerobics class has helped with swelling and my blood pressure. Other than the fact that I am sleeping horribly these days and am so sore everywhere, everything is going great. I'm wanting to do a VBAC but if that doesn't happen before July 25th than we will be doing a c-section. So if everything goes well in June our little guy is going to have a July birthday :). I really can't believe that because it is just a little over 6 weeks away. Wow!-I have so much to do. But I am so grateful everything is going well right now.

oh and I changed my baby ticker thing. Technically I guess my due date is still August 8th but my doctor doesn't want to go that long and like I said above if he isn't born (naturally) before July 25th than that will be his birthday. :) So excited!

Monday, June 6, 2011


This last weekend our little family took a road trip with my side of the family to Moab. I love this place. We went a bunch of times when we were kids and it just brings back a lot of memories for me. My dad got a condo that was so nice and we just relaxed, did Moab stuff and had fun. We needed this little vacation so bad. And although it was a little crazy with Noelle it really lifted my spirits. I shouldn't really complain about watching Noelle. Cause mostly it was everyone else watching and entertaining her. She really doesn't care about mom and dad when other people she loves are around, especially "Damin" (this is what Noelle calls Grandma). I was advised by my doctor to take it easy and drink plenty of water which is what I did. But I did get out and saw some pretty sights at Arches National Park. One of the "walks" was a little harder than I thought, and was uphill a lot of the way. I think it was called the Window Arch or Double Window Arch. But Michael stayed with me and we took our sweet time. We also went to the Sand Dune Arch which was very short and simple, but you had to walk in sand which took some balancing. Something I am not good at lately. It was a lot warmer than what I am used to which is why I think it felt harder than it was. But at the same time it was great to have nice weather. The sight seeing day really wore me out and I was so tired after that. I even got a little sick I think from the heat. My mom said something like this to me at the end of the day: "How are you going to survive any longer, you look miserable." I didn't dispute what she said. I was feeling pretty bad. Not to mention I'm feeling huge. It's just going to get warmer and I'm going to get bigger. But we had so much fun. Michael had never been and he was in heaven with his binoculars and hiking backpack (that he took everywhere). Which is so Michael-ish. It was wonderful to be away, be with family and just relax and not worry about anything. We really needed it. Thanks to all those who made it so great for us!

Just a warning, there are a lot of pictures.

We went swimming almost right when we got there. The weather was so nice. Noelle is still a little afraid of the water but she is getting used to it and always asks to go swimming.

One thing about swimming though is Noelle gets so cold afterward. Her feet get a little blue and around her lips. Uncle Tanner wrapped her up nice and tight after she got out of the pool.
The grandkids after a tiring day

a view from our condo at sunrise. I love all the red rock and mountains that are Moab.
Michael had never been to Moab and was excited to go. Everyone but me, my mom, Noelle and baby Eric hiked to the famous delicate arch.
Getting ready to see some of Moab
She was so tired from the sun and was really being a good sport about taking pictures.
Aunt Taytay and Noelle
Michael and Noelle in front of the balancing rock.
Window Arch. This was my first hike/walk. A little hard for me but I made it.
Noelle hiked all the way almost all by herself. Towards the end she needed someone to hold her though.
A view of a different arch
Aunt Aly and Noelle at the Window Arch. A little scary to have Noelle up there. Some places were kind of steep.
Michael and Noelle at the Sand Dune Arch, Noelle's favorite. She loved playing in all the sand. And for some reason thought it was funny to throw sand on people.
Running in the sand. It felt so good to sit in the sand that was shady.
Hiding her feet in the sand.
Part of the kitchen in the condo
Right outside the condo. We ate breakfast out here the last morning.
The condo. So nice! Thanks Dad!
On our way home we stopped at another place called Dead Horse Point. It was beautiful!
Noelle and Grandma Fullmer

More of the view from Dead Horse Point

And this is just one of Noelle. She took this all by herself :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Unexpected news

Don't worry. Not too unexpected. I went in for a doctors appointment last week and everything was looking good. Blood pressure-great! Protein-none! Gestational Diabetes-not even close! I guess I was just preparing myself for the opposite. Maybe that will change in the next few weeks, maybe not. Baby Michael's heartbeat was good and the unexpected news was that I was measuring bigger than 29 1/2 weeks. I was surprised to hear that but not at the same time. I feel huge and I'm expecting this little guy to be tall like his daddy. At this time last pregnancy Noelle was measuring a little small and so I guess I was expecting the same thing. However next week we'll get an ultrasound done and really see how big he is. My doctor sure has been on top of things. My doctor was wonderful last time and obviously he caught all the danger before it got too bad, but this doctor has been a little more on top of it. Plus I have definitely been more active this pregnancy (even though I'm physically more sore) and I've tried to not eat too many salty foods (which helps a ton with the blood pressure). Last time I had a c-section and this time around I've expressed to my doctor that I really want to try the "normal" way. I'm not opposed to a c-section if that is the best option for me and the baby but I would really like to feel a contraction and labor. I didn't feel any of that AT ALL last time. And I know some of you are thinking "why?" but that's just what I want. Because he is measuring big she's not going to let me go to my due date which is August 8th. So if he hasn't come on his own by the end of July she is either going to induce me or we'll be getting the c-section. That is if everything keeps going the way it's going. So that means he's coming in 9 weeks or less. That is crazy to me. And I still have so many things to do and get ready for. Right now I'm just trying to be positive and not stress. So many things are going through my head right now, not just with this pregnancy but with a whole lot of other stuff as well. Anyway. That's the update, in case any one wanted to know :).