Tuesday, August 30, 2011


We just recently had some visitors from Indiana. Michael's Mom and sister, Becky came to visit. Also it was time for Becky to return to BYU. They didn't stay with us this time, mostly because we had a newborn and there just wasn't enough room. We love when they come, especially Noelle. She get's spoiled. They hadn't met little Michael yet, so that was especially great. We went shopping, played, visited and just spent time together. They both had the flu at one point so that wasn't too fun. And we really couldn't see them during that time, so we could prevent little Michael and Noelle from getting it. Becky headed off to Provo and Michael's mom left yesterday. We wished they lived closer. We're so happy they came to visit. Noelle fell asleep in the car on the way to dropping grandma pfeil off at the airport. I was kind of sad that she couldn't say bye. When she woke up grandma was gone and Noelle asked where she was. I told her that she was gone. Well Noelle was very sad about that. I didn't take very many pictures and I feel really bad about that. But I did have these two:

Friday, August 26, 2011

Here I Go Again...

If you are interested I started another blog. It's basically my way of journaling how I do with getting healthy and losing weight. It's a work in progress and I actually am not starting my "program" until early September. But I have started posting my thoughts and stuff on it. Go here if you want to see my latest attempt at making and accomplishing a goal.

Friday, August 19, 2011


Wow, we have one noisy baby on our hands. He is fairly mellow right now but often cries just to be held. I feel like he does it more than Noelle did. Anyway, on to the noisy part. Little Michael just grunts and squeeks so much. He's always making noises and sometimes it's so funny and sometimes sad because I don't know if some of the noises suggests that he is sad or uncomfortable. When he wants to be in a certain position is when he makes the most noise. Or when I wrap him up tight to go to sleep, he grunts like you wouldn't believe just to try to get his arms free. He's pretty good at it too. Unless I really concentrate and wrap him up tight like a mummy. I thought Noelle liked to try to wiggle free but he does it much more. Right now he is in a bassinet by my side of the bed and keeps me up even when he's not eating. Michael (the husband) of course sleeps right through it all. He probably won't be staying in our room as long as I thought he would. I never realized this with Noelle but Mikey (this is what some people call him) hates to get his diaper changed. Unless he is completely content he just cries through the whole thing, poor little guy. Maybe it's a boy thing. And right now he doesn't like getting a bath, I think it's because he get's kind of cold. I hope that changes. But he is so sweet and just likes to cuddle. He also likes to just look around and move his head whenever he gets the chance. We have to really watch him or he'll fall out of our arms cause he's trying to move his head so much. I'm looking forward to him watching and following Noelle around all day. Noelle just gets sweeter with him every day and I love to see and hear her express her love and concern for him. She hates it when I try to clean out his nose and often starts crying when he starts crying (he's been congested a little since he was born, which makes it very hard to eat and breathe sometimes).

I'm feeling great and starting to get the hang of things. Juggling two kids is quite the task and I don't know how people have a clean house. I hate housekeeping anyway, but to even find the time right now is so hard. Michael is starting school next week! Yay! It's been quite the long road to get to this point of him starting school again. We didn't have a very good experience with the last school and we feel really good about how things are working out now. I'm very proud of him and all he does for our family. He'll be working full time and going to school full time and I know it's going to be a challenge for all of us. All I can say is I think we both will be really looking forward to Saturdays and Sundays. But we know we have been brought to this point in our lives for a reason and I'm so grateful and happy to be going through life with my wonderful husband.

After wiggling his arms free

I just love this picture of Noelle. She actually gave me a smile and she looks like such a big girl. I can't believe how big and smart she is getting. Where does the time go?
Noelle wanted to lay by "Baby Michael." This is what she calls him and right now and won't leave the "baby" part out.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

So sweet

I just had to share some sweet things that Noelle has done lately. Recently I was released from my primary calling, which I'm kind of sad about. Anyway, yesterday we had one last activity and I decided to bring Noelle with me even though she's in nursery. A little boy fell off of a table onto the gym floor and Noelle felt really bad for him. A few minutes later I see Noelle coloring on the floor and then this little boy walks back in to the gym with his mom, still a little upset from the fall. Noelle stops what she is doing, gets up and goes right over to this little boy and gave him a hug. It just melted my heart. Sometimes Noelle is really shy and shows no aggression to other children. When someone takes her toy she either just lets it go or crys and comes and tells me. I was like this and I sometimes wish she would fight back. But I know along with this shy, non-confrontational personality comes a very sweet and loving disposition and I am so happy Noelle is the way she is.

After we got home from the hospital a bug seemed to hit our little home. Michael got sick and so did Noelle. Luckily I really didn't get anything and neither did little Michael. Well she's been fighting this bug off and on for a few weeks now, some not so fun stomach/other issues. We were over at my parent's house last weekend and Noelle pulls one of their table chairs away from the table and sits in it. Then she says something like this "I want some medicine for my hair." It took us a minute to figure it out, but then we realized she was talking about getting a blessing. And the oil that you put on someone's head when they are sick. Right before my c-section I was given a blessing by my husband and dad and Noelle was there. I know that she has also seen other blessings given. It was just the sweetest thing. She's been feeling sick lately and decided to ask for a blessing in her own little way. Michael and my dad gave her a blessing and I kind of cried a little. I know the spirit works through these pure, sweet children and I'm so grateful for this little experience.

And I just love the next picture. Little Michael is gaining weight and lately he has been crying purely so that we pick him up and cuddle with him. He is my little cuddle bug. Noelle has been lots better this week and is always asking to hold him and if he is ok. They are so sweet together.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


I just couldn't pass up getting these pictures taken in the hospital. They are so cute and perfect. We never got them with Noelle and I really wanted them this time around. I'm glad we did, I only wish we could have got Noelle in them with us. We will be doing a family photo shoot in the fall though, I think.

Baby Michael is doing great. He is such a mellow baby and just very laid back so far. Noelle has her good and bad moments with everything. We're trying to give her lots of attention too. And we love being a family of four.

Friday, August 5, 2011

my sneaky make up artist

Looks like I need to get some new mascara...

My little make up artist wanted to be sneaky so she went by the front door where I wouldn't see her. She makes me smile.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our little Michael

Our little Michael Eric Pfeil was born Monday, July 25 at 12:28pm! He weighed 7lbs 14oz and 19 inches long. Let me start from the beginning of the day. We had to be in the hospital by 10am and the c-section was scheduled at 12noon. We dropped Noelle off at my parent's house. It was completely different than last time and it made all the difference. Things were very relaxed and there was no worry. I even got to walk down to the operating room without a wheelchair or being already on the bed. My blood pressure was great too. We got in the operating room and they were prepping everything. The only thing that I was honestly dreading was getting the spinal block. And for good reason. It was horrible. I won't even go into detail about it except that I'm surprised I didn't squeeze Michael and the nurse's hand off when the guy was giving it to me. And I was just in tears. Other than that the procedure went great. The doctor pulled little Michael out and he started to cry. I couldn't help but start crying myself. It was such an awesome thing to experience and I really felt the spirit close. After the procedure I was able to hold my baby and they put us into a room. Which I might add was quite spacious and very comfortable. We got to come home the following Thursday. We had the option of staying until Friday but I did not want to stay, at all. I would rather deal with my emotions at home than at a hospital. The nurses were really great but by Thursday they weren't doing anything for me that I couldn't do myself and plus the bed was getting really uncomfortable. My stay at this hospital was much better than at the last one. Everyone there completely helped me with everything I needed and it was just an overall better experience. A big contributing factor to that was probably because everything went so well and I didn't have a baby in the nicu.

It feels so nice to be home. Just being with my family and experiencing everything together just helps so much. Cuddling with my little guy is so wonderful and I can't believe that I love someone so much, again. I'm so grateful to my Heavenly Father for answering our prayers. For bringing us a little baby that's so healthy. And for my wonderful husband and sweet children.

Noelle is doing good, all things considered. She's really been cute with baby Michael and wants to hold him all the time and takes pictures with him. She is a little jealous and is definitely doing some things to test our patience, more than she ever has but she's a good big sister. I'll ask her to help me get something for baby Michael or help me put something away and lately the answer has been "No" or "no mom, I don't want to." We're giving her a little bit of time before we are too hard on her. It's been an up and down week. She is still such a sweetheart and we love her. She has been so good while I have just been trying to rest and heal.

Little Michael is doing good. The nights have been rough but that's not a surprise. Things have gotten better since we've been home. The name thing might get confusing for some people. So for a while I'm going to be referring to our new baby as "little Michael." My family still hasn't decided what they are going to call him. But to me I just look at him and he's my little Michael :). I love cuddling with him and just love him so much. He is a very good sleeper right now. I don't know how long that will last. I usually have to wake him up to eat. I, however, am not getting that much sleep but that's okay. We're so happy that he is here and that we get to be home enjoying time as a family.

Michael started a new job on Monday. He really likes it so far. It's pretty physical so he's been coming home pretty tired. But even with that he's been great and so helpful with everything. Our house is pretty much a mess and Noelle will say sometimes "It's a mess" or "what a mess." She's right but right now I don't care and some things just need to be put on hold.

Enjoy some pictures!

This is a rare photo. I don't have any pictures of me being pregnant. So here ya go. I was getting pretty big.

Holding my baby michael right after the c-section was over
He looks pretty big in this one
He has my toes
LOVE this one
first family photo of four
kissing brother

He sometimes will get this grip on his pacifier and just hold it there
Going home!
Noelle is always asking to hold her brother

actually awake. Don't you love the girly bouncer? We got this for a gift when Noelle was born.
aww so cute. My kids in yellow :)