Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas Time

We had a really great Christmas it started early with a very special visitor! 

Grandma Pfeil!!!

Unfortunately I only took one picture of the whole event.  I am very very sad about this, but I guess I can't really do anything about it now.  But it is a very cute picture.  We have a similar picture of the two of them two years ago.  Noelle loves listening to Grandma Pfeil play and sing to the piano. I thought it was such a precious moment.

I was sick off and on while she was here.  The kids got sick and unfortunately Becky and Grandma Pfeil got sick as well.  We had a lot planned too, but it just couldn't happen.  Right when she got here everyone besides me (cause I was sick) headed to Jungle Jims Playground.  Noelle couldn't stop talking about it.  Grandma played and played and played with the kiddos.  Even when she wasn't feeling the greatest.  It was exactly what Noelle and Mikey needed.  What a great visit it was for us! 

Tanner (my brother), Nina, and Eric were also able to come for Christmas.  We had such a great time with them.  And Mikey and Noelle loved playing with their cousin Eric.  Especially Noelle.  She couldn't stop talking about him and how she loved that he was here.  She would always say to him, "oh I love you cousin."  And give him a great big hug.  Mostly we just hung out at my parent's house so the kids could play together.  But it was so much fun.  We sure miss them!

Some of these pictures may hurt your eye to look at them.  Sorry about that.

Going to the mall to sit on Santa's lap.  So lame but we couldn't take a picture of Santa and the kids where we were.  But Noelle sure loved it.  This is where I learned she wanted an easy bake oven on top of the dream lite.  Thanks to my parents that wish came true.

Christmas Noelle.  dress from Grandma Pfeil.  She sure loves that her name means Christmas.

This was the best pose I got out of Mikey but it totally describes how he is.  Outfit from Grandma Pfeil.  I cannot get him to sit still for anything.  It's still super cute.

Noelle made this for our tree.  I love it!

Christmas Eve we decorated sugar cookies.  Noelle really got into it.

Mikey's Christmas Even pjs from Grandma Fullmer

Noelle LOVES her rapunzel pjs she got from Grandma.
Looks like Santa, and Mom and Dad delivered!

Opening the coveted unicorn dream lite.  (p.s.-it was a really worth it)

She got a Princess Bell dress up for Christmas.  Which I think is perfect because we call her Noelle Bell all the time.

We went sledding with my side of the family and Noelle had a blast!  She wanted to ride down with everyone and she did!  I have even more pictures from sledding but I just included a few.
Mikey liked the sledding but hated the cold.

Riding with Nina

Nina and Eric.  Eric also liked the sledding I think but hated the cold as well.

Fun Uncle Tanner

She even got Grandma to go.  Very rare indeed.  She kept telling her "It's not scary damin." 

Did I mention that Michael really enjoyed himself too!  He was like a kid in a candy store.  He had so much fun with the kids.

The best picture I could get of Grandma with her grandkids.  We took a lot too.

ahhh, Aunt Nina and Mikey     

Right before we had to say goodbye.  They were leaving for Wisconsin the next day. It was so sad to say goodbye.  But it was so wonderful seeing them and spending time with them.  Wish we could see them more often.

We also got our pictures taken as a whole Fullmer family so here is a preview of them.  I never love how I look but I really like how these turned out.  She did an excellent job I think.  We're just missing big Eric.  But I'm pretty sure he was there somehow laughing at how dumb we were for taking pictures in the bitter cold.

And because we were so busy for like 3 weeks straight with Christmas activities and visiting with family, there was a lot of this during odd times of the day and in the car:

They are such good huggers :).  I love my sweethearts so much.  Having them be so happy is the best Christmas present I could ask for.

Just the other day it was like 30 something degrees and we decided to take a walk.  It was desperately needed.  It's been so cold, like in the negatives and we haven't gone outside very much.  It was nice to get fresh air.  But of course the path still had lots of snow on it.  I need a stroller with better traction.

 We had a great Christmas with each other and family.  We hope everyone else did too!

Some homemade Christmas things

I really enjoy doing crafts I just have to find time to do it.  Christmas is a perfect time to do crafts because I think they mean a lot and generally are less expensive than buying gifts.  So I wanted to record some of the crafts I did for Christmas 2012. 

Michael's parents were married in the Manti, Utah temple so I made this little 8 x 10 wooden block with a picture of it for them.

For Michael's mom I also made this wooden block with pictures of Mikey and Noelle.
For my mom I made a block for each grandchild with pictures and also with their name and birthday.  We thought we would start doing one for each grandchild when they hit a year old.

For Mikey I made this Captain America cape out of an old t-shirt and felt.  The mask is made out of felt as well as the shield.  Ideas from friends and pinterest.  I also made one for my nephew Eric!  Mikey doesn't play with it yet the way I thought he would.  But he is only 18 months and everything is big enough to fit him for another few years at least.
I also made Noelle a cape and mask.  I call her "lightning girl."  She loves it!  She'll also wear Mikey's once in a while.  By the stocking are these little felt "stove-tops" I made her.  I really wanted to get her a kitchen to go with her cupboard we got her last year but we have no room whatsoever with it.  This way she can pull out the little stove-tops whenever she wants to and put them back when she's done.

My little lightning girl looks so tough in this picture.

Freddy the Elf

In my last post we mentioned that we had a new little visitor at the beginning of December.  Well our elf, Freddy, continued to play hide and seek, being mischievous, and leaving notes for Mikey and Noelle until Christmas Eve.  Noelle was heartbroken when she knew that Freddy wasn't going to come back until next Christmas.  We really had to prepare her for it.  She gets so attached to certain stuffed toys of hers.  Just the other day she drew a picture for Freddy and left it on the spot where he sat all December.  It kind of makes me tear up when I think how much she misses him.

We didn't get the book for the elf of the shelf.  Santa just sent his own letter describing the magic elf.  As you can see we also didn't keep to the "rule" of no touching your elf.  Noelle is too much of a hugger.  So the letter from Freddy said "The more you hug me, the more my magic grows."  It was perfect.

One morning we found Freddy in the candy jar and he made a little bit of a mess.
Freddy knew that Noelle and Mikey's favorite breakfast is muffins so he brought them some one morning, along with hot chocolate.
Freddy thought he could lift my 2lb weights.
Noelle and I made Freddy a scarf out of felt for his Christmas present.  She was so excited for him to get it.