Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Full Term and Camping Attempt #3

Well I made it full term! I'm so grateful and feeling very relieved. Every doctor's appointment has been great. I always want to say to the nurse and doctor afterward "Are you sure everything is okay?" or "Are you sure you're doing my blood pressure correctly?" Everything is scheduled for this coming Monday and I'm getting pretty anxious and excited. Wow, do we still have a lot to do though, mostly just cleaning. With me being very pregnant and Michael's different schedule, not as much has been getting done as I would like but oh well.

We attempted to go camping for a night recently. It's the annual Clayson camp that's happens every year for a week. We were originally going to go up just during the day but we actually went up the first day and stayed over night. We used our little tent. Thank goodness my family volunteered to take Noelle in their tent trailer because our tent barely fit me and Michael. It barely fit one queen size mattress and we couldn't stand up in it. Michael slept pretty good but I had a horrible night. I maybe got 3 hours of sleep. Noelle was having a hard time with my family as well (to say the least). I could hear her crying every time she would wake up. Baby Michael was moving a ton and I was just plain uncomfortable and in pain, did I mention I have been an emotional roller coaster lately? All of this combined made for a very bad, tear filled night. Noelle has not done well camping at all. The first year we went she had her helmet on. Second year she was getting over some asthma and doing nebulizer treatments. This year she had a cold. I'm really hoping that these were the reasons why she hasn't done well at nighttime. We love camping and plan on going whenever we can so hopefully she'll grow into it.

Our computer has been pretty pathetic lately so I feel like I haven't been posting as much. I'm sure the next post will be of our new little guy. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I've made it

I'm 36 weeks. And my energy is pretty much gone. I won't be going to 40 weeks, so for all of you that have gone that far (or further, especially in the summer) I admire you, but I'm not going to be taking that same route. And originally I kind of felt bad about that. But not any more. At the beginning of the pregnancy (and actually up until very recently) I was really wanting to do a vbac and I thought that would be how it would happen, no problem. But as I've been talking to my doctor, reading and watching things about it and praying a lot we've decided that it actually isn't the best way to go. My doctor said she would be with me the whole way if that's the way we wanted to go but she also said to go with "our gut" on what we feel would be the best for both me and the baby. Here are some things that we have considered:

1)Last time I had an emergency csection and my blood pressure sky rocketed out of control and that was the only option. We were both in danger and I could have had a stroke or seizure at any time. My blood pressure has been good this time around but there is always a chance that it could rise especially under the stress of labor. And because technically I have hypertension. I don't want that to happen because if it did we would have to do another emergency csection and I'd like to avoid the "emergency" part this time around.

2)They won't induce someone who has had a csection. The contractions would come on too strong and that could tear my previous incision and could cause a whole other set of emergency problems. My mom was induced for all 5 of her children and if that's at all how I am then I would rather not go that far if I don't have to. Plus it's not even an option.

3)I just want a healthy baby. He's growing and doing great and we feel that this is just the better option in keeping him as healthy as possible.

I have felt a peace about this decision and it won't escape my mind that this is what Heavenly Father wants us to do. Those feelings have never failed me and so more than any other reason I'm going with that and trusting in Heavenly Father.

My due date has actually changed a couple of times. Sometimes he's measuring bigger, sometimes he is measuring right on track. But he's still coming on July 25th. He'll be full term and I'm so so grateful about that. The good thing about being a little high risk is that since 31 weeks I've been going to the doctor every week which means I have also been getting an ultra-sound every week. I love that part. It also means I've been getting a non-stress test every week. Which hasn't been so fun. I just have to stay in a chair hooked up to a heart rate and contraction monitor and push a button every time I feel him move. It sounds kind of fun at first and then after you're there for more than a half hour it just gets tiring and hot. The appointments end up being at least two hours and it's just long. I think I only have two more to go to. But my doctor has been wonderful and SO on top of things. Baby Michael was estimated to weigh around 6 1/2 lbs last ultra sound. He's still moving and twisting a ton. I just feel so grateful that I've made it and am ready to have this little guy here.

Noelle's Personal Photo Album

Here are some of Noelle's pictures that she has taken with our camera. She understands what to push to take a picture she just hasn't gotten the whole aim thing down. So for your viewing pleasure :):

This one was taken with a little help from me