Wednesday, May 23, 2012


April was the month of visitors.  Here's the rundown.  The first week of April Michael's mom and dad came into town.  They stayed with us one night and then went to stay with some old ward friends the next day.  The following day Mark and Teandra flew in from Indiana and were staying at the same place as mom and dad.  Becky also joined them.  Martin unfortunately wasn't able to come out.  Why did they come you ask?  I will say for four reasons.  1) Cousin Craig got married and we were all able to go to his sealing and reception here in Utah. 2) Celebrating Grandma Coates (Michael's grandma, mom's side) 80th birthday. 3) Cousin Janelle (the above mentioned Craig's sister) also was getting married.  We were able to go to her bridal shower and reception but not her ceremony because she was got married in the San Diego temple-wish we could have gone though! and 4) To visit us of course :).

(for blogging and understanding sake I will refer to Michael's mom by her name, Adel.  Although I do call her mom as well :) )

Adel stayed pretty much the whole month of April.  She was very very busy while she was here.  And for the most part her health was keeping up with all that she had to do.  She spent tons of time with myself, Noelle and Mikey.  Michael still had to work and had to finish classes and finals so he stayed pretty busy but still was able to spend some quality time with his mom.  She was also kept busy helping Becky move to a new home in Provo and look for a job and a car.  Becky was also able to stay with us for a good portion of April.  It was so great having them here.  We never see them and unfortunately we haven't been able to fly out recently either.  Mikey and Noelle had grown a ton since everyone saw them last.  We do see Becky more often though, considering she only lives about 40 minutes away without traffic.

Noelle had a so much fun playing with everyone.  She of course loved the attention.  I think she is understanding more how everyone is far away.  She'll often say how she misses her Grandma and Grandpa Pfeil.  Even though we live so far from everyone it didn't take very long for the kids to warmup to them.  April seemed so busy and flew by.  We are so grateful that everyone was able to be here (we missed you Martin!) and spend so much time with us.  Hopefully it won't be this long until we see them all again.  Love you Pfeils!!

Noelle with her aunt "teda" that she loves so much! :)
Grandpa Pfeil reading Noelle a story
with Grandma and Grandpa Pfeil

Daddy and daughter dance at one of the receptions
working on the "marshmallow game" with Grandma
Noelle, Grandma, Becky

The day Grandma left :(

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Way Belated Easter Post

We had a really busy April!  In a good way of course, but it has really put some posts behind.  Michael's family was in town for a while (post to come soon).  They came on April 4th, so right in time for Easter.  The Saturday before Easter we went to where Michael's family was staying and had a delicious, big breakfast.  Afterward Michael took Mikey home for a nap and I took Noelle to my Grandma's Easter egg hunt that she still does every year.  Noelle had a lot of fun dyeing eggs this year and an even funner time looking for them.  She loved it and I loved hiding the eggs and watching her find them.  Easter morning we went to a family baby blessing and had dinner at Michael's aunt and uncle's house and at my parent's house.  We had a wonderful Easter and are so glad we got to be with so many family members (even though we were still missing a few from both sides).

The easter eggs me and Teandra did with water, vinegar and old ties.
Noelle and tay tay at the Easter egg hunt

cute mikey
family picture, we don't have many of these

She would play all day in the sand if I would let her
I love this one with Aunt Teandra and Noelle

pretty noelle
my sweethearts Easter morning before church

On a spiritual note, I'm so grateful for my Savior and for his gift to us.  For dieing and for living for us.  I know that because of his resurrection we are able to be resurrected again some day and are able to see and be with our loved ones forever.  I'm grateful for my testimony and I know that my Heavenly Father is aware of me and loves me.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

9 months

The time has flown by since Mikey was six months.  And he has changed so much since then.  First the doctor visit stuff:

Weight:  21lbs 12oz - 75% (only a 1lb gain since last appointment)
Height:  30 inches - 97%

Mikey is my happy, energetic, and super sweet little boy.  And he is growing more and more each day.  He is in that stage where he is moving around everywhere and wanting to do nearly everything that Noelle is doing.  Here are some other things that Mikey is doing:

-He is crawling everywhere, and he is fast.
-He is eating everything by hand now.  He doesn't like pureed baby food anymore.  He just won't have it.  His latest favorites are strawberries, cheese, and toast (oh and puffy cheetos, thanks to my dad).  When he wants more food he just pounds on his tray with his hands and shouts "na na na na na!"  I'm trying to teach him the sign for "more", but so far that hasn't worked.  Oh well :)
-On his six month post I wrote that he was almost sitting up.  Well he's been doing that for a while now.  When that happened soon after he was crawling, then pulling himself on his knees, and now he is pulling himself on his feet.  This tactic he has learned can postpone nap or bed time :).  
-Loves cords and anything that is not an actual "toy"
-Loves spending lots of time by the front door.  For two reasons I think: He LOVES to be outside and he's waiting for daddy to get home.
-He has the brightest, sweetest smile!
-Sleeps with a little burp rag that he cuddles with
-Will lay his head on our shoulders when he is tired
-He doesn't enjoy his jumperoo anymore.  But I keep it around or I get absolutely nothing done.
-He loves to splash in the bath tub, a lot
-Loves grabbing onto a cup or can and try drinking what's inside.  He has a very very strong grip.
-  Loves to play in his and Noelle's room.
-Loves following and watching his sister.  When he wakes up in the morning or from a nap she is the first one he is looking for.
-Gives kisses.  But he is very picky about who he gives them to.
-still has red hair, and it grows fast.
-sleeps about 12 hours every night and takes 2 naps a day.  Usually ranging from 45 min-2 hours each.
-sometimes enjoys the shows that Noelle watches.

Easter Morning

going down a slide with Dad's help 

On one of our many walks

wanting to crawl around everywhere on our picnic with Aly

Mikey getting into our latest costco purchase

Mikey sure keeps me on my toes.  I'm constantly wondering where he is and what he's into.  I'm in for a very active, mischievous childhood with this one.  He has got me wrapped around his little finger and I don't mind a bit.  I melt when he gives me a kiss or a hug and I would do anything for him.  Noelle loves him a lot and as she is growing she's developing a stronger relationship with him.  She always asks where he is when he's not in the room with us.  And get's really worried when I tell her we're going somewhere because she'll think we're not taking him and gets so sad.  Despite the occasional wrestling with, hitting and laying on top of  Mikey, she adores him and is very proud to be a big sister :).  

Mikey just brings so much light, love and energy to my life and I can't get enough of our handsome little guy.  My world would definitely not be the same without him and I'm so grateful we were blessed to have him in our family.  Love you Mikey!