Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Noelle is 4!

This last Saturday Noelle turned 4!  And boy was it a fun and crazy day.  I can't believe four years has gone by.  It has been the funnest and sweetest four years of my life!  So grateful that she is a part of our family.  She is such a great "oldest child" and such a helpful big sister.  Here are some things that describe our Noelle.  Her likes, dislikes and everything in between.

*Such a helpful girl, but so stubborn sometimes
*loves her little brother too much but also needs her space
*she's got such a good memory
*she loves to color right now and do anything crafty
*so sweet to her friends and others around her
*very proud of little accomplishments she does. 
*Did so good at the dentist office this last time around, she let them do everything they needed to do.  However she has 3 cavities :(.  Poor girl has my teeth, even when she brushes as often as she needs to
*Didn't cry once when she got her shots today.  But made quite a big deal of it later on.  She can be such a drama queen
*she has a very sensitive little heart.  She often cries when Mikey does and really feels bad when he is feeling bad
*started to get very bossy lately
*always talks about going to school and asks me when she can go.  No she isn't in preschool right now.  Her birthday makes it so she will not start kindergarten until 2014.  But two of her best friends are in preschool so she always hears about it.  I really wish she could be in school right now.  It would be so great for her.  Definitely next year. 
*loves to learn new things
*still a picky eater, but will try new things.  She loves pickles and salsa and chips though :)
*is very content with things she receives from others and is so happy about it
*very much a girl and does her fair share of whining and crying
*Loves Doc Mcstuffins, Sid the Science Kid, Angelina Ballerina, and Barney
*Says the funniest and sweetest things.  Lately she will come up to me and hug me and say "Thank you so much mommy, for taking such good care of us." :)
*really likes to make her friends laugh and loves being around them
*loves her new tumbling class
*knows her way around the ipad.  She'll get up in the morning and find it and start watching something on Netflix.  We have been better at remembering to put it somewhere high

I really could go on and on about Noelle.  I love her more than words can say and, like I've said before, she is the light of my life.  Enjoy some pictures from her birthday!

We are always going to the zoo because we got a year pass.  Unfortunately Michael can never come because he has been working a lot.  The day before Noelle's birthday Michael took work off and we went to the zoo as a family!  Noelle was so excited to have daddy there.  It was the day after a storm so it was cold but sunny.  No one was there which was pretty nice.  Because of that when Michael and Noelle went inside to see the giraffes a worker was feeding the mother giraffe and gave Noelle some bread to feed the giraffe herself.  How awesome is that?  She loved it!  What a fun birthday present for her.

Every time we have gone the tigers has always been laying down and never do anything.  This time was different.  This one was following us back and forth and looking at us.  Sometimes at the zoo I am interested in the animals more than Noelle.  I loved watching this beautiful tiger.  I can be such a little kid at heart.

She loves riding the carousel.

Mikey's first time riding the carousel

Good morning birthday girl!  She wanted pancakes for breakfast and really liked her birthday chair.

She had a doc mcstuffins birthday party with 8 other friends. 

The birthday banner I made for Noelle. 

All the goodies for the party.  The kids got to watch an episode of doc mcstuffins and then decorate a door tag that said "the doc is in" on one side and "the doc is out" on the other.  They got dollar store doctor's kits and stuffed monkeys to take home and take care of.  And of course yummy doc mcstuffins cupcakes

The closest doc mcstuffins outfit I could put together.  My cute little doc.  She was actually excited about going to her own doctor's appointment today and didn't get nervous at all about her shots.

They also played pin the nose and bandaid on Chilly.  One of doc mcstuffins toys that she takes care of on her show.  The birthday party was a lot of fun.  But I always seem to put so much into it that I stress myself out way too much.  So that will change for next year.  I made Michael promise to remind me about the stress next year when I probably will want to do another crazy party.
After that party we were going to have some of my family over and Michael's sister Becky.  So we made two small cakes for that.  Noelle wanted a tinkerbell cake.  So here she is helping me with one of them.

the cake

the cake with tink.  She wanted to put tinkerbell in herself.

She sure had fun opening presents this year.  And got some awfully fun gifts from everyone!

She struggled a little blowing out the candles but got it eventually

After this little get-together our ward had a trunk-or-treat so Noelle and I headed to that.  Mikey was so tired from the day so he got to stay home with daddy.  We couldn't miss it though.  Noelle is loving dressing up in her fairy princess costume.  So the day was crazy and I never got to sit down but it was worth it and Noelle loved her day.  In every prayer she keeps saying "grateful that I could have my birthday and that I am 4."  What a joy and blessing she is in our lives.  I can get enough of my silly sweetheart Noelle and hope she had the best 4th birthday ever!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

scariest feeling

I feel that I need to share an experience I had today.  I am not one to share with the world the things in my life that I am going through.  Physically or mentally.  Most of my family knows certain struggles in my life and some close friends.  Still there are other things that only Michael knows or will ever know.  But what happened today really strengthened my testimony and made me feel so important in Heavenly Father's plan and I just felt an impression to write about it before I forget. 

Over the last 9 months or so I have had a few different health issues come up.  Not to mention my never-ending struggle to lose weight.  A horrible cough was one of the issues but after many visits to the doctor and trying about 4 different solutions finally it has gone away.  In early August I noticed that it had pretty much gone away and I was so happy about it that I called the doctor's office so my doctor could know.  Well very soon after that on a Sunday afternoon I was awoken from a nap not being able to breathe.  I literally felt like I was breathing my only source of air through one of those coffee straws.  I was alone in my room with the door shut and I was scared to death.  I was panicking and felt like I was going to stop breathing.  Apparently I was really loud because Michael came running in.  He helped me to calm down and after about 30 seconds to 1 minute I was able to breath a ton better.  It was really upsetting and it took a while to calm down.  I remember thinking that I needed to call the doctor.  And I was also confused because I assumed that the "episode" was related to the cough and my cough had pretty much gone away.  Well of course time passed and I finally remembered to call about two weeks after.  They said that I should come in but I didn't make an appointment.  I was feeling fine.  I remember before Mikey was born I had a couple similar episodes but nothing as serious.  But again I thought I was fine.  Well last night Michael and I went to bed really late.  We shouldn't have stayed up so late but we did.  After about five minutes laying down I could feel myself falling asleep when suddenly I couldn't breathe again.  It was terrifying.  It started worse than the last time.  I was panicking more than last time because I couldn't get air fast enough into my lungs.  All these thoughts came into my mind about my husband and children.  I was so scared.  More scared then I had ever been in my life.  I was quite the wreck and Michael was trying to hold me still and calm me down.  He said to me "Say a prayer Lindsey, say a prayer."  So I said the quickest prayer I could to myself and about five more seconds of being unable to breathe it stopped completely.  Of course I was completely shaken up and I felt very weak.  Luckily I was able to fall back asleep about a half hour later.  I went into the doctor today because I wasn't about to make the same mistake I did last time.  The diagnosis is still in the works so when that comes I'll let you know. 

But today Michael and my dad gave me a blessing.  It was very comforting and I felt so much love from my Heavenly Father.  After that I remember when Michael told me to "say a prayer" and when I did my breathing changed completely.  I had a sudden realization of how important I was to Heavenly Father.  That he needed me to be here and that he answers prayers.  Nothing like that has happened to me before.  I felt his love so close and I felt my love for Him and my loved ones around me increase.  It was very scary and I'm a little nervous to fall asleep tonight but I feel that my life is in His hands.  Especially when I do my part in His plan.  I'm grateful for a mindful Father in Heaven.  I'm also very grateful for a loving, worthy husband who I love with all of my heart.  And today I feel so blessed for the things I have in my life.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We've been up to a lot lately...

So I know it's been a while since I blogged.  But we've been pretty busy and have been having fun.  So with that said I will spare you all the many details of everything and just let you enjoy some fun photos of what we've been up to the last few weeks (and I guess some details :)

Warning:  lots of pictures ahead!

On labor day Noelle, myself, sisters and mom spent part of the day at Gardner Village in West Jordan.  Noelle got to ride a horse.  She loved it!

Noelle likes to dress up Mikey.  Michael however does not find it very funny.  Looks like I need to get some "boy dress-ups"

At the end of September there was a really warm day.  So we took advantage of being at my parent's home with a yard and the kids actually ran through the sprinklers.  Mikey isn't very hesitant and loved it.

Noelle loved it too.  But she is usually my cautious little girl so it took a little pushing from me.
Mikey loves my new little dirt devil.

I started a chore/routine chart with Noelle.  One of her chores is using the little vacuum to get crumbs.  She doesn't mind :).  She has the silliest faces

My new favorite picture of the kids.  At one of our many walking to park adventures.

After the very long walk I had some very tired kids.

She wanted me to take a picture of her on the slide

Mikey gets into EVERYTHING.  So opposite of Noelle.  Here he is trying to get into a soot filled barbeque, of course, why not?

Another walk picture.  Between the end of September and about early November is prime walking time for us.  Without a second car we all go crazy being inside all day and NEED to get out when we can.  So we go on lots of walks.  We try to get others to go with us but I don't think anyone is as into as we are.  Our friends that were moved away :(.  When they were here we went on probably 3-4 walks a week.

Last week the kids and I headed to the zoo.  It was a great day for the animals.  The elephants were very friendly and it was so cute to see the baby with her mama.  However it was SUPER crowded, it was ridiculous.  People would not move out of the way to let my little girl get up to the glass.  Adult, big people would not move!  It really frustrated me.  But we had lots of fun.  Well Noelle and I did.  Mikey hated being in a stroller all day.  But that's what he gets until I can have another adult with me.

Can you see the polar bear in the distance?  This polar bear is awesome.  They were feeding him while Noelle was at the glass and the fish literally came right in front of her which meant so did the bear.  It shook the glass a little and startled Noelle.  But to my surprise it didn't upset her and she kept watching him swim around. 

Noelle really was a good girl that day.  Usually when one kid is fussy so is the other but that was not the case this time.  She got a little souvenir for being so good.  She was tired though.  As she is getting older I'm noticing her little "emotional breakdowns" are diminishing.  She is so fun to talk to and is so smart.  She remembers ALL the details and is my silly sweetheart who is always making me smile!  I do have to add that lately she has been saying things like "Oh, you are my best mommy."  or "I love you so much mommy." or "Thank you for taking care of me."   Every time she says these things I'm almost brought to tears.  It always makes my day!

Cute silly little girl

Snuggling up on Damin's floor waiting for daddy to get back from priesthood.  These kids rarely sleep anywhere else besides their bed.  Kind of drives me crazy when we are out later than expected.

This boy is not shy when it comes to messy food.  He loves it.  And loves to put it everywhere and loves to put it in his hair.  Which means an automatic trip to the bath.  Maybe he does it on purpose?

On Sunday we went up to the mountains with some of my family.  There was this cool cave there.  Kind of creeped me out.  Tay is always playing and keeping Noelle entertained.  Such a good little auntie :)

Mikey had to have his feet in the water apparently.  It was freezing

Sunday dinner in the canyon:  Peanut butter sandwhich.  Next time I think we will try roasting hotdogs and marshmallows.

Aly took Noelle to a little steeper part of the mountain.  What a fun aunt!

I don't have many pictures with my kids.  I feel bad about this after reading an article about how as mothers we need to take more pictures with our kids.  I think it's true.  So I'm going to try and do that more.  I do love to see them with ME.

It was so hard to get a family picture with everyone focusing at the same time.

We pulled out "the leash" finally.  I should have thought of it earlier.  With Noelle we didn't need it until she was 2.  Mikey is a totally different story.  He really liked it.  It allowed him to walk around the apartment complex without mom holding him or having to be in the stroller the whole time.  He did well with it.  I think we will be using it more often.

The tennis court.  Looks like a large cage.  We often go here and just let the kids run around and chase a ball or each other.  They love it.  And even though the ground is hard I don't have to worry about Mikey going somewhere I don't want him to or putting sand in his mouth.  Noelle rides her bike in here too sometimes.

A scene from our walk.  In the fall the weeds, bushes and trees get to be really tall and long.  And sometimes I swear I hear something lurking about out there.  So we usually hurry through this part.

This cracks me up!  Noelle has gotten really good at making her own little turban/head scarf.  She does this quite often :)

A recent craft.  Repainted a frame and added some plastic quilt stuff (sorry I don't know the name), ribbon and cork board and voila!  You have an earring, ring, and necklace holder.  It was my own adaptation of a tutorial I found here.  I love everything glue gun.  Sadly I really don't know how to sew and don't have a sewing machine so I'm always looking for projects that don't require that.  I would absolutely love one and would love to learn.  I guess it's just not in my plans right now.  Anyway,  I got a whole lot of earrings for my birthday that I have been wanting for a while and I needed somewhere else to put them all.  I had lots of fun doing it.

This is my halloween ribbon wreath that me and two other friends worked on together.  Michael gets his uniforms from work dry cleaned through a company that his job hires.  So he literally has hundreds of wire hangers.  I hate them and a want to get rid of them.  But he insists that we will need them for something and usually I just roll my eyes.  And then I saw a similar wreath at a friends house and thought "I can make a wreath out of a wire hanger."  And then I was really excited.  It took lots and lots and lots of ribbon.  But we finished and it was a lot of fun to have a girls/craft night.  I've been missing them.