Friday, July 30, 2010

Zoo Time

Yesterday we went to the zoo and I remembered the camera this time. So I expected Noelle to be really interested in all the animals but she was only a little interested. She would look at what we were pointing at and then move on to the next thing or just want to run around. It was the three of us, my mom and my three sisters that went. We laughed cause it seemed like there needed to be six adults to handle Noelle. Really we all just wanted to see how Noelle would react to things. We brought the stroller but she would not go in it at all, that was a little frustrating. It was pretty hot but we had lots of fun. Noelle was exhausted and starving by the end of the trip.

I love this drinking fountain. I remember it from when I was a kid. Noelle loved it and wanted to play in the water.
Creepy spider monkey

Very thirsty girl

At first Noelle didn't know what to think about the carousel. Then after it started she liked it and stayed calm. I had fun with her too :).
Pretty close to the giraffes.

Noelle was getting pretty tired and stayed like this for a while
The gorillas were inside and we were looking at the male and he was looking right at us. Then he hit the glass wall pretty hard and totally made us all jump.
I can't believe we got Noelle to do this.
my handsome husband and below is his hand
Noelle probably liked this the most at the zoo. She loved touching the ball and playing in the water. She also was pretty hot and was putting water on her face :)
"Thank you for the elephant grandma!"
Michael acting like a kid


sweets said...

the zoo is so nuch fun.

Alyssa said...

Isn't the zoo so much better with kids? Hope you guys are doing well!