Monday, February 28, 2011

some photos

Here are some photos that I think are cute and silly that I wanted to share. As much as I want it to be spring we've had fun times entertaining ourselves as we've been stuck inside during the winter.

One of Noelle's favorite activities to do indoors.
This happens a lot and she would sleep with more of her stuffed animals if we let her. The dog to the right of her face is "ricky" and she HAS to have him sleep by her EVERY night.
I love her curly hair. And I wish I had just a little bit of it.
listening to my ipod
feeding her baby. getting ready for her little brother or sister, maybe.
Noelle is constantly getting out books for us to read to her. But I also find her reading to herself a lot.
taking her blood pressure. She did this all by herself. She watches me do this almost every morning.
putting her baby in timeout. A little sad but even funnier I think.

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