Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

This Valentines wasn't too exciting for us. Noelle had a hard night last night and so we both woke up a little later. But I did make pink, heart shaped pancakes. This is a first for me. I'm not very good at making pancakes to begin with. I always make Michael flip them because I always seem to ruin it. But I have to say that with a little patience I was able to successfully make yummy pancakes that Noelle actually ate. Then I took a paper stencil and cut out the shape of a heart in the pancakes. The two below are the ones I am proudest of. Then we just had a normal day. Grandma Fullmer came to visit Noelle and brought a little purse full of goodies. Noelle loved that. She also got a visit from her aunt Alyson and our friend Kat. It was very nice to have company. After Michael got home from work we gave Noelle her little "Valentine basket" that had some stickers and chapstick in it. She's obsessed with chapstick lately. I made some cupcakes to take around to some neighbors and we took a couple of Noelle's friends a sweetart valentine. She really enjoyed giving it to them herself. She just gets this light in her eyes when she gives someone something. It makes her so happy.

my pink pancake creations

Noelle dressed in pink and red

And of course, Happy Valentines Day to my love, Michael. I am so grateful for him in my life. He knows me so well and he means everything to me. He puts us first and I love him more every day.

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Amy Rose said...

Aw, you two are so cute! And Noelle is too, of course.